Total Bee Plus

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Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Propolis and Honey in one capsule

Best Seller! – 5000mg active ingredient from 4 caps daily.

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120 veggie capsules per bottle. Suggested 4 capsules daily. Each daily dose of 4 capsules provides you with:

Royal Jelly | Bee Pollen | Propolis | Honey 

 Associated Benefits and Uses | Nutrient Contents

all natural royal jelly products - no preservatives, no gluten, GMO free
Product Information:

  • Made with all-natural vegetable capsules.
  • Best value and most effective product, with 5000mg of active ingredients from 4 caps daily.
  • Only product on the market to combine all four bee products at such a low cost per capsule.
  • Highest concentration of royal jelly from any competing combination bee product.
  • USA Made from premium ingredients – our process ensures quality and integrity.

 Associated Benefits and Uses | Nutrient Contents

Total Bee Plus combines all four key ingredients from the beehive in just the right quantity, to create a special synergy and a very unique product.

Total Bee Plus has been our most popular product for almost two decades – we’ve seen our competitors try to copy this product but so far none have matched the combination of potency, value and the raw ingredient integrity of Total Bee Plus.

Guaranteed for 180 daysAccording to both Rita Elkins MH, author of the best selling health book ‘Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Propolis and Honey – Healing from the Hive’ – and J.S Taylor, author of ‘Power of the Beehive’, “A special synergy exists when all four products from the beehive are taken in combination”.

Combined in the right quantity, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, and honey can provide you with the full range of nutritional benefits, including all of the important vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.

But it isn’t just about using all four ingredients, it’s very much about the quality of the ingredients and the way in which they are processed from hive to capsule. We start with fresh, potent, tested and contaminant-free ingredients, then we use proprietary methods of reducing the water content without ever applying heat. Using a process termed lyophilization we are able to remove the water without affecting the nutrient content of the bee powders, so we can provide you with a potent capsule that has a 2-year shelf life! (from date of manufacture).

And everything is processed right here in the USA.

Common Uses and benefits of Honeybee Products*


  • Stay protected against viruses and flu*
  • Boost energy and stamina*
  • Enhance mood and reduce stress*
  • Balance and regulate body systems and hormones in men and women*
  • Suppress cravings and unhealthy appetite*
  • Moderate / lose body weight*
  • Rebuild bones, tissue and muscle*
  • Improve the health of skin/hair/nails*

More:  Associated Benefits and Uses | Nutrient Contents | Compare Products

Label Details:

  • Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement adults take 2 capsules twice daily or as recommended by your health practitioner.
  • Guarantee: All our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Notes: Propolis is a 2:1 concentrate, 200mg is equivalent to 400mg raw Propolis. Royal Jelly is a 3:1 concentrate, 400mg is equivalent to 1200mg raw Royal Jelly.
  • Capsule shell: Vegetable | Color: Clear, contents grey/tan (Color will vary due to seasonal variations in bee pollen color)


If you are shopping around, be sure to compare like for like – for example, you’ll find other combination bee products, perhaps some available at what appears on the surface to be a lower price, however:

  • They do not contain as much royal jelly (the most expensive of the four ingredients at over $200 per pound)
  • They rarely contain honey powder
  • More often than not there will be fewer capsules per bottle hence a smaller daily dosage.


Also, be wary of the many imported products on the market today – they are untested and unregulated and oftentimes do not contain what is printed on the label, or may even contain ingredients that are not printed on the label.

Descriptions of The Four Ingredients in Total Bee Plus.

Royal Jelly

The crown jewel of the beehive – a nutritious substance created by the worker bees to provide nourishment for bee larvae and eventually the Queen bee. Bestowed with remarkable powers of reproduction and longevity, the advantages the queen gains over other bees in the hive are provided to her from an exclusive diet of royal jelly.

Many people use royal jelly for potential benefits to the immune system, where it is considered a potent antioxidant alongside bee pollen and propolis. It is also taken widely for energy and reproductive health including male and female libido.

The main issue with buying royal jelly online is finding a product with high nutritional integrity. There are so many ways in which the benefits of royal jelly can be nullified during the manufacturing process, and the issues are not always obvious to the purchaser.

The main problem area relates to the subject of freeze-dried powder versus fresh liquid. In many instances, this is really a smokescreen to cover the real underlying issue of pasteurized versus none pasteurized. Manufacturers supplying fresh liquid royal jelly usually have it pasteurized so that it meets regulations for handling, processing, storing and distribution of liquid food products.

The best royal jelly is freeze-dried, never heated and never pasteurized. When other companies sell royal jelly it is almost always from a pasteurized source, a small detail often omitted from the product labels.

All of our royal jelly supplements, including Total Bee Plus, contain never-heated / never-pasteurized royal jelly.


Bee Pollen

weight loss from natural USA bee pollen granulesBee pollen is collected by the honeybees from the stamen of plants and flowers. It is collected abundantly and formed into small pellets where it is transported back to the hive for storage and sustenance.

Bee pollen is a potent source of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It has all of the components (nutritional) to sustain life and can be used exclusively alongside water* (though we do not suggest that you do so!). It is associated with allergy treatment where it has been shown to help alleviate allergy symptoms in certain individuals by conditioning the body to become accustomed to regional airborne allergens.

Bee pollen is also used widely for energy and stamina and as an immune system booster. Perhaps its most commonly sought attribute is for use as a natural weight loss supplement as it contains Rutin and other components associated with weight loss.


Propolis is a sticky glue-like substance collected by the honeybee from tree bark, saps, conifers and other plant material. At moderate temperature it is quite sticky and resinous, then becomes quite hard and brittle at lower temperatures. It is used by the bees to seal holes in the beehive and also as an antiseptic, antiviral and anti-bacterial agent.Raw bee propolis powdered

Fresh propolis is removed from the hive and taken through a complex extraction process so the pure propolis extract can be used in balms, salves, tinctures, ointments and in vitamin supplements. It is taken for its antiviral properties and has potential benefits as an immune system supplement. High in bioflavonoids, propolis has been shown to be an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial agent.


Much more than just a natural sweetener, honey contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and is associated with benefits to the digestive system. delicious bee pollenHoney adds the final element to our Total Bee Plus as it completes the full nutrient spectrum, adding a range of vital minerals and vitamins which are not present in the other bee products. We’ve talked elsewhere about a special ‘synergy’ between the four products from the hive, this synergy is only created when all four ingredients are present, therefore honey powder is an essential part of Total Bee Plus.

The small amount of honey present does not present unwanted calories nor does it spike blood sugar or cause any concern for people with diabetes. There are only around 5 calories in a Total Bee Plus capsule and only 50mg of honey. This is a tiny amount compared to say with eating an apple or any other item of fruit.

Additional information

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Dimensions 1.0000 × 1.0000 × 1.0000 in

57 reviews for Total Bee Plus

  1. Jason

    Been using Total Bee now as part of my workout and diet. Losing weight and gaining muscle. Have loads of energy when using this product. I take 6 per day when I’m training 4 when not.
    Highly recommended!

  2. Janefsurly

    I take this daily with food and it helps with my weight. I also use their bee pollen granules as they are fresh and moist. I use honey on some foods. Total Bee has royal jelly which I know helps with hormones, energy stress levels etc.
    Find a product that works and stick with it. You won’t go wrong with this. Good prices online too. Thank You!

  3. Donna Sabernick

    “I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and needed something to give me the energy to do my daily tasks. I started using Total Bee Plus and some other vitamins and minerals, and began to feel better. Then, my husband started sharing my Total Bee Plus and I ran out before my next shipment came in! What a difference! I still took the other vitamins, but my energy and endurance was going downhill. I’ll never let myself run out again, I’m not sure why it helps me so much…but it does!!”

  4. Prentice


  5. Robert C Miller

    This review is for: Total Bee Plus (Health and Beauty) I researched bee pollen + royal jelly supplements pretty extensively, both online and with nutritionists. Total Bee Plus was the supplement of choice.

  6. Andy (verified owner)

    Best combination product available

  7. TCrews

    Works OK, no problems. Fast shipping. Will buy it again. Tom

  8. Sandy

    Helps prevent colds and flu. Take it year round for best results. I stopped taking for a while and it was only then that I realized how much this stuff does for me. Husband takes it daily too. Great product and cheap!

  9. BWright (verified owner)

    Fast shipping…great product….repeat customer. Many thanks.

  10. Alice

    Perfect for allergies and colds prevention

  11. Gavino (verified owner)

    I stopped with my multivitamin supplement in 2005 and I’ve taken this ever since. It works great as far as I can tell. I do feel more energy and I haven’t had a cold or the flu in over 4 years.
    My friend recommended this and she claims it helps with hormonal stuff and PMS symptoms. I don’t know anything about that as I’m a guy! But yeah, I keep taking total bee and I wouldn’t want to try not taking it.
    I get a coupon once a month so it helps with the price too.
    Good products.

  12. AliciaTravis

    All the review are right on Amazon. Found it here for cheaper.

  13. BothInOneRoom

    Works a charm. Energy but not with any kind of caffeine buzz. Just makes you feel better is all. Recommended for the money! (probably working on other things that I don’t even know about yet, lol )

  14. Etty

    Can’t say enough about this product. I’ve been around the block with different suppliers of bee products but these guys make the best. I’ve tried Bee Alive but their royal jelly pills are only 150mg and they’re 3 times the price. I tried another product from Durhams but it didn’t seem to do much, again it was light in royal jelly I think
    The Total Plus has lots of royal jelly and like it says you can really feel the difference.

  15. Btbeen (verified owner)

    Take this daily, works great!

  16. Jan

    Great products – for energy and immune system nothing beats tbp!

  17. Helena

    Outstanding product and service from Susan and Co. at the natural shopper. I use total bee each day and feel better than I did in my 20’s. Awesome products!

  18. Carlin

    Some days I have been using Total bee plus, and I started to feel much more energy. I like it because it has all the products of the hive. I recommend it. And I give it 5 stars for this product.

  19. BillNcastle (verified owner)

    Bee products are the only supplements I trust. I bought this on a whim from a local store in Colorado Springs then ordered it online. It’s working great for energy and also weight loss. I take two pills an hour before meal times and it seems to help cut the hunger pangs and cravings. Not sure on the technical stuff but it does seem to work!

  20. Elahmed

    I buy this now 2 year ship to Bahrain and never problem. Other thing from US always problem with custom. Product work very good. Nothing like here in country.

  21. Bluto (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these products for over a decade and I swear by them. I used to buy some knock-off products that were cheaper but they never seemed to do anything. These products actually help.

  22. JTP (verified owner)

    Exceptional product and I can feel the benefits when I take it! Thanks.
    PS – my wife gives it to our dogs and she says it helps with their coats and teeth! I think I actually believe her but I won’t admit it..

  23. BennyHu

    Good and fast ship to Taiwan. Much best quality than local and other supplies. Thnak you!

  24. LPthail (verified owner)

    I’ve taen this now 4 years…always keep ordering. Recommending to friends 2 buy. Thanks for total bee!
    Li Ping

  25. Crystal

    Taken this for years, would never go without it.

  26. Carol (verified owner)

    Wish this came in bigger bottles. My husband and I go through a jar every couple weeks. We’re always running out.

  27. AngelWest

    I’ve been having chronic pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis related joint pains. This product actually seems to help. I don’t know why, I didn’t buy it for that reason. But thank heavens I found this online!

  28. betty

    Helps with my osteoporosis symptoms. I actually got a lead on this product from my doctor! New it had to be worth checking out. Wish it was available locally.

  29. allonegod

    Works for weight loss. Tried it 3 times now and it has always helped.

  30. TooBigToFail

    Bought Total Bee Plus from a local farmers market in Wyoming. This is better than just buying honey which I used to do. Has royal jelly in it too which is what makes it special I think.
    Checked around looking online at a few other products but they don’t have much royal jelly. Everyone seems to use a lot of bee pollen in theirs but this has more royal jelly. I keep buying it every couple months.

  31. anastese

    Tres bien, merci

  32. Kirsten (verified owner)

    Bought this from my chiropractor of all places. Works very well, have faith in bee products and this company.

  33. Platttwin

    I have more energy since using this. It seems to help with mood swings too. Love Total Bee Plus. Too many things out there that you take every day and they don’t seem to make a difference to how you feel. This and Green tea is all I need everyday for vitamins. Thanks!

  34. topdawg1001 (verified owner)

    Awesome products. I’m waiting for the weight loss product coming in December. But total bee plus is great for me and my wife likes it a lot too.
    Fast shipping and it’s often free. I signed up on the mailing list for discount coupons.

  35. TJL

    Great price! Found it online after buying from Amazon and with the discounts here saved some cash.
    Great for the immune system – I never get colds and flu since taking this, I used to get a cold every season!

  36. July (verified owner)

    I spent a lot of time researching bee products and felt most comfortable at this website due to them being in the USA and having good information. I started out with royal jelly then moved to Total Bee Plus after a couple months.
    This product is great. I can’t see myself not ever taking it as I feel so much better than I did before. Try it and you’ll see.

  37. Jules (verified owner)

    Really good product. Looking forward to trying the one with green tea and dandelion!


  38. Kane (verified owner)

    Use this before meals, about an hour before. I drink a large glass of water and take 2 of these capsules. Then get ready to NOT BE HUNGRY…then just eat less. I lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks. Bee products rock!

  39. Cameron

    Ten year now my wife and I have been using Total Bee Plus! I retired from my profession in 2012 and I continue to lead and live a healthy retirement, thanks in no small part to the royal jelly and other ingredients of this wonderful product. Please continue to provide the best product and the best prices and the best customer service, so I can continue to get the most out of my retirement years. Thank you

  40. encho32

    great products

  41. Constance Miller

    I’ve enjoyed using honey products for years and just recently started with royal jelly. I like Total Bee Plus as I feel it offers the best value. I do feel the difference from these products, unlike others I have tried before. I also like the fresh smell and the color of these pills.

  42. Cody

    I used this then switched to the GT powder then switched back. Both seem to work similar though the GT powder helps reduce water retention. I dropped five pounds in two weeks with that stuff!

  43. UM

    I’m in The United Arab Emirates and was surprised to find a us company who will ship over here. It arrived six days after I ordered. Very competent product for me.

  44. Edith

    It’s still the best out there. I’ve dabbled with a few other products and keep coming back to this.

  45. timothy

    I go back and forth between this and their Total Bee GT. Both are great products. When I over indulge and gain weight I do a month on the GT product and then switch back to this. I don’t know what it does exactly and how, but I stay clear of colds and the usual seasonal stuff that used to hit me every year. It might be in my head but for 20 bucks a month this is a good insurance policy. Well done.

  46. Act2

    I buy this and like it. My sister claims it helped her conceive…something to do with fertility and Royal bee jelly.. I like it for energy. No more kids here!

  47. Ingrid

    Check out their deals. Amazing company. Get on their email list and receive monthly coupons. To the lady above, it’s not expensive as it actually contains real ingredients and not chalk powder that you get from Walmart.. Duh

  48. Al3SanJose

    I can’t afford this every month, I wsh it was cheaper. I do get a discount but it’s still $25 with shipping. I do like it when I can afford to use..

  49. Grant&Amy

    The best there is. For years I bought those cheap chinese sugar pills then I read that places like walmart and GNC buy supplements full of rice powder. When I did my research I came acroos this place and started with the royal jelly, The total bee plus is worth the extra. The capsules are quite big but I suppose that’s because there’s actually something inside!
    Look no further..

  50. Man-chi

    Good product. Actually works

  51. Byron

    Always look at the percentage HDA in Royal jelly as a clue to potency. Highest is 6% which is what is in this. Some of the stuff you can buy is not ev n food grade so be wary. This is the real deal. You can even see the dark specs of propolis powder. My son is a natural health practitioner and he sent me a link for this. He sells it to his clients so I know it’s been carefully screened. The prices are good too but it doesn’t seem to be available in stores which is a shame.

  52. Eric Bailey

    I just keep taking this and avoid all the crap that’s floating around – stay cold free etc

  53. Angie

    Expensive but work great for me

  54. Burton P

    I use it for a while then stop for a while and always think I’m missing something – then I start using it again and I’m back to my old self!

  55. elementary 1

    My first encounter with bee products was in the 70’s when I worked on a local beekeepers property for the summer. I was fed on beeswax and bee pollen and it certainly helped keep my furnace running. I got sick in my 40’s and couldn;t shake it off. Always feeling down and groggy and susceptible to colds and whatever my kid brought back from school! So I researched and found these guys and I’ve been on the bee plus for 7 months now and I’m really starting to feel the benefits. I guess it’s the royal jelly that sets them aside from the others out there. Great products and excellent service!

  56. Melody Cutter (verified owner)

    Best bee product on the market.

  57. Craig Newsome (verified owner)

    Always works for me. Fast shipping. Good specials. The dog takes it too and he likes it!

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