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Symbiolean™ – Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, dandelion root, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and honey – for weight loss and weight management – but it’s so much more than just a weight loss product!

90 Capsules per bottle – Take 3 caps daily.


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Weight Management Support – Energy – Immune System – so much more!

Formulated to help with general wellness and weight management *

Symbiolean™ – comprises the core ingredients of our best selling product ‘Total Bee Plus’, with the added benefit of potent herbs which may help metabolic function, digestive function and provide the support your body needs to achieve and maintain an optimum weight*

Our formula contains a proprietary blend of the four main products from the beehive alongside Green Tea, Organic Dandelion Root extract, and Apple Cider Vinegar. Read an article on Green Tea and weight loss here. (Opens in new window)

We use a Proprietary Blend of high-purity (organic where available) –

Bee Pollen
Green Tea Extract
Apple Cider Vinegar
Royal Jelly
Dandelion Root

3 caps daily, take more or less as required or as recommended by your health practitioner.

Product Information:

We feel that our Symbiolean™ is one of the most potent weight management products on the market. But it’s so much more than a diet product!

With the blend of natural ingredients, including bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and apple cider vinegar, it may prove to be the only vitamin supplement you’ll ever need, whether you’re looking to lose weight, or not.

Bee products have a wide range of associated benefits and you can find a good deal of information at our website, including this information on royal jelly benefits, this article on bee pollen and weight loss, and this article on the benefits of propolis. But we’ve added to the products from the beehive by introducing a potent and complimentary array of medicinal herbs.

And we haven’t just randomly selected the ingredients, we’ve formulated this product based on our own full year of research and trials and with a specific goal in mind – to provide support to the key body functions and systems that regulate how we metabolize the foods that we eat.

We believe the key to efficient weight management and wellness is the symbiotic function of the following three body systems –

Immune System

Clearly the immune system is vital to our health and well-being, and each of the ingredients in Symbiolean™ contain potent anti-oxidants in various formats. Bee products have long been associated with benefits to the immune system, due in a large part to their amino acid content and wide array of important vitamins and minerals. Each of the ingredients in Symbiolean™ has strong connections with immune system health and we believe the product can hold its own against any other immune system / wellness product on the market.

Digestive System

We’ve looked closely at the role the digestive system plays in weight management and general wellness and we’ve provided for exceptional support in this area too. Apple cider vinegar and honey have long been utilized for digestive function, each having been associated with real benefits to the gastrointestinal system. As has Dandelion Root – a potent herb in its own right, dandelion root extract may be helpful in enhancing digestion and providing the benefits of its mild diuretic properties along with benefits for people who experience constipation and/or other intestinal problems.

But key to the digestive system component are the properties of bee pollen, which is the #1 ingredient in our product (by milligram weight). Bee pollen has long been associated with having the capacity to act as an appetite suppressant and a cravings inhibitor. Combined, these two properties are essential in any effective weight loss supplement – delivering the ability to provide a degree of appetite suppression by inducing fullness.

Metabolic System

Lastly, we believe that the metabolism is key to how we convert fuel into energy. We take on fuel in the form of calories from foods and drink, and we need to efficiently turn that fuel into energy to prevent it being stored as fat. For this to work optimally we need our body to be efficient at burning fuel even when we’re at rest and not active or exercising. This is in part the role of metabolic function, so we’ve included potent substances which may help to enhance metabolism. Green Tea, bee pollen and royal jelly each have a role to play in metabolic function.

The Symbiotic Way –

Immune System Health + Digestive Health + Metabolic Health =

 Total Wellness and Weight Regulation

This simple symbiotic approach to wellness is further aided by the unique properties of the ingredients in Symbiolean™. What we have with this compound supplement are the key weight management bases covered –

1. Thermogenesis (metabolic calorie burning when active and at rest)

2. Diuresis (avoiding water retention yet remaining hydrated)

3. Appetite suppression (reducing the desire for fuel intake)

4. Satiety (inducing the feeling of fullness)

To round this product off as an all-encompassing natural health tonic, and not just something to be taken for weight loss and weight management, we’ve included bee propolis for its anti-viral / anti-fungal / anti-bacterial properties. Propolis is rich in flavonoids, active compounds which have been shown to benefit the immune system.

So we believe that Symbiolean™ is perhaps the first product of its type on the market and may well prove to be the only Health Management Supplement you’ll ever need.

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