Propolis and its effects on Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammation of the skin and manifests as reddish blotches of skin with a white scale appearance. Psoriasis is a very common ailment which can affect pretty much anyone, young and old, male or female, though it is most common in people between ages 15 to 35. It is considered by many in the medical field to be a malfunction of the auto-immune system which causes the immune system to damage healthy body tissue. Studies have indicated that propolis, or ‘bee glue’ might be beneficial in the treatment of Psoriasis*

Raw bee propolis powderedIn a healthy person, the outer layer of skin is regenerated about once each month, yet with the condition Psoriasis affecting the immune system the process is accelerated and diseased skin is reproduced around every 3-4 days. The faster regeneration process requires more skin to be shed, and this appears as the whitish scales on the surface of the face or body. In this condition, skin becomes cracked and can invariably be more prone to bacterial infections.

The actual root cause of Psoriasis is unknown, but there are certain conditions which can increase the likelihood of occurrence and make fast and effective treatment with propolis or other substances more difficult. These conditions include:

  • Other viral, bacterial or fungal infections
  • Scratches, abrasions and cuts to the skins surface which go untreated
  • Dry air or uncommonly dry skin
  • Sunburn
  • Stress
  • Periods of reduces immune system function, these can be brought about by higher than normal stress and reaction to certain types of medicines and drugs, including alcohol.
  • More propolis benefits here

Psoriasis forms quite slowly and it’s rare that other symptoms accompany the condition. However, in around 10% of Psoriasis sufferers, Arthritis can form in the joints of the body, causing increased pain and discomfort, which can have a snowballing affect on the Psoriasis itself.

In a book titled ‘Propolis’, by Dr. Felix Murat, the author describes the potential of propolis to be a healer of Psoriasis, along with bee pollen. “Bee pollen contains all of the vital elements to reproduce its specific species; this includes all necessary minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and RNA and DNA; consequently, if Psoriasis is a deficiency disease, it makes sense that such a grave condition could be healed in just a few days!”

Murat goes on to talk about the specific benefits of propolis on the Psoriasis condition, and describes how applying propolis in liquid form topically can help alleviate the condition.

He also suggests one or two grams of propolis be taken internally along with bee pollen. This is the range 1000mg to 2000mg and seems conducive to our own formulation of products like ‘Total Bee Plus’.

Naturally this approach should only be considered alongside medical supervision, as with all natural health supplements.
We are not advocating their use to treat specific conditions, merely pointing towards clinical research which might help in your search for suitable treatments.

Learn more about the benefits of propolis here

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