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Our SymbioLean Weight Loss / wellness product is proving very popular, grab a few bottles whilst we hold the introductory price.

Contains the core ingredients from out Total Bee Plus (royal jelly/bee pollen/propolis/honey) with the added benefit of Green Tea extract, Apple Cider Vinegar and organic Dandelion Root Extract. This formula targets the auto-immune system, digestive system and metabolism and may help create the foundation for effective weight loss and weight management.

We’ve been receiving great feedback from users of Total Bee GT – remember to listen to your body and to react to reduced appetite with reduced portion sizes.


Total Bee Plus – #1 Selling Combination beehive supplement on the market!

Premium grade royal jelly / bee pollen / propolis / honey in one capsule.

The key to the popularity of Total Bee Plus is in the quality and potency of the USA harvested ingredients. Our royal jelly is the most potent available at 6% 10HDA, where others use only 1%.

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Used for energy – stamina – immune system health – weight loss – general wellness as a multivitamin and much more.

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