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Advantages of Royal Jelly

Just the name of this substance conjures up impressive images, and it may well be true that the properties and potential health advantages of consuming Royal Jelly are just as dramatic as its name.

All bee larvae are fed this substance for the first three days after hatching – this powerful food is evidently essential to get the proper development of the bee under way and provide with the nutritional advantages that other common bees do not have.

After those first days however, only larvae destined to become queen bees are fed this nutritious substance, the bees slated to be workers are given only bee bread and pollen.

The queens-to-be literally swim in the royal jelly and much more is placed in their special brood cells than is needed for maturation. Royal Jelly actually looks a great deal like milk.

Royal Jelly is not produced from pollen or nectar, but is a substance produced in the salivary glands of the bees tending the larvae. Bees serve as nurse bees for only a certain number of days, and it is during this time that they are able to produce Jelly Royale, as it’s often termed.

This substance is absolutely essential if the developing queen is destined to have functioning ovaries and provide eggs for new workers in the hive. RJ also contributes to the much larger size of the queen, and the fact that she will live for up to seven years, rather than just a season as do the workers. The high level of protein found in the substance might also provide some nutritional benefits and advantages to you if you add this to your dietary supplement program. It typically contains between 12% and 15% protein, along with a full complement of amino acids and fatty acids.

There are quite a few essential minerals found in RJ, including iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Probably the most important group of vitamins found in the jelly are those belonging to the Vitamin B group – folic acid, B1, B2, and B12. Simple sugars are also found which may work to provide the body with a natural energy boost. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects many people and can lead to serious problems such as heart disease, stroke, or even kidney failure.

In our article ‘all about royal jelly‘, we discussed how Royal Jelly supplements have been found to naturally lower high blood pressure, and this has been proven in several tests conducted stay healthy with bee productsin Japan. One very important property is that it seems to have a beneficial effect on the glial cells in the brain. It also works positively on the stem cells located there too. These cells are vital in sending messages throughout the brain, so the nurturing effects of royal jelly may help to prevent, or reverse (to some extent) some of the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease or perhaps senility.

Experiments have shown that ingesting royal jelly can have a positive response on cognitive functions. Read more about royal jelly and its benefits

As RJ feeds what might be termed the most important member of the hive, keeping the larva designated as a potential queen healthy, is paramount. The close environment of the hive, despite the cleanly habits of bees, can foster the growth of bacteria and fungi. Fortunately, royal jelly and the other hive substances (like propolis and honey) contain compounds which are antibacterial in nature and help prevent the larva from becoming diseased. Royal Jelly can help to fight E. Coli bacteria as well as gram positive bacteria and Streptococcus bacteria.

Some help in dealing with recurrent bladder infections has also been reported with regular supplemental use. As Royal Jelly greatly extends the life-cycle of the queen bee, it is thought that it might have some ‘longevity’ benefit on those who take supplements. Although long term tests have yet to be verified as to any human longevity benefits, tests conducted on mice have shown that the rodents will live consistently longer when fed the substance.

Our immune system is what protects us from bacteria, viruses, and other disease. Anything that compromises the immune system, such as stress or fatigue, can leave us more vulnerable to a wide range of ailments. In our fast paced world, any external support we can provide to keep our immune system strong and responsive will keep us healthier and happier.

Royal Jelly has been shown to augment and strengthen the immune system. The gamma globulin contained in RJ may help your immunological system to become more effective at fighting pathogens. Adding this product to your daily supplement regimen could well produce favorable results for you. The many nutrients and trace elements, which are impossible to replicate in the laboratory, may work to help your body deal with stress, aging, high blood pressure, and damage to the immune system.

You may well find that your complexion, hair, skin and nail health improves both as your body is nourished more completely, but also because of the ability and advantages of RJ when it comes to promoting the development of collagen. Collagen is important in keeping the skin younger and wrinkle free. The benefits of Royal Jelly to the skin have seen the substance commonly used within natural skin care products. [Bee Products Home Page]

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