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  • Immune System / Well-being 46% 46%
  • Weight Loss / Energy / Stamina 32% 32%
  • Other Specific Conditions 22% 22%

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Feel the Benefits of Royal Jelly with our “Total Bee Plus” Bee Caps

immune system support from total bee plusOur Total Bee Plus bee caps contain 600mg of royal jelly per capsule – a substance which has long been connected with a broad range of health benefits.

There are many components to this remarkable ingredient which might explain its potency as a natural health tonic, including its range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. But there is also a component of royal jelly which has not been identified within the normal parameters of nutritive substances – a component labeled ‘royalactin’. It may be this which is ultimately responsible for the variety of health benefits available from the product. But we believe that this component, royalactin, is made more effective when the product is combined with bee pollen, propolis and honey. This combination creates a special synergy and releases the full nutritional benefits of all four of these important nutritive substances, which is only available in our potent bee caps like Total Bee Plus.

If you’ve read through other information about bee products and bee capsules, you may already have come to learn that the Queen bee exhibits remarkable longevity, when compared to the common worker bee. She lives up to six times as long and has remarkable reproductive capability. But what is it about the Queen that could possible account for these powers she is imbued with? – the only difference between the Queen and the worker bee is her diet – royal jelly.

So what are its benefits to humans, are there any? -There’s a good deal of information which has been published by reputable sources, based on accepted medical/scientific studies, which suggest that there are benefits to be obtained from these products. Royal Jelly has been associated commonly with increased energy and stamina. It has also been associated with improvements to sexual health and reproduction/fertility. Its high amino acid content along with its other properties may be the primary reason for these benefits.

If you use the button above labeled ‘Resources’ you can find much more information about bee products and their nutritive composition, along with its typical range of uses and benefits.

If you are looking to try a product for yourself, may we suggest our Total Bee Plus bee caps as shown below. Total Bee Plus is a quite unique product which combines premium grade fresh royal jelly powder with domestic USA bee pollen, propolis and honey, all in one cap. We combine these ingredients in a way which creates a synergy of products, providing you with the optimum ratio for maximum benefit. Many people can feel the benefits in a very short time, with others it takes longer to build up in the system – we invite you to see what the positive vibes are all about. Check it out for yourself, you could be very pleasantly surprised at what these beehive capsules might do for your general well-being.

ORIGINAL PRODUCTS FROM THE NATURAL SHOPPER Unique product combines ALL 4 key ingredients from the hive.
Our best value and most effective product with 120 caps for a one month supply, and 5000mg of active ingredients from 4 caps daily. No other product on the market combines all four key bee products with such a potent milligram content.
USA Made from the finest ingredients available – state-of-the-art processes to ensure quality and integrity – tested under strict eGMP quality control.
‘Lower Than Wholesale’ pricing on six or more bottles. With a Suggested Retail price of $34.95, you save $$$$ on your six bottle order! – Buy a bottle for friends/family.


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Promote Health

Natural health made safe and easy with supplements and skincare products from the beehive.

Feel more vibrant and energized with products from the hive.

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Feel more vibrant and energized with natural health products from the hive.

Help boost your immune system with beehive products.

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Help boost your immune system with natural beehive supplements.

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Total Bee Plus - learn more here

Total Bee Plus

All 4 Bee Products in one potent capsule – 5000mg active ingredient daily – bee pollen/royal jelly/propolis/honey.


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