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royal jelly at The Natural ShopperWhat is royal jelly and what are the benefits of freeze dried royal jelly?

Often known a bees’ “milk”, royal jelly is the concentrated super food whose nutritional benefits are responsible for turning an ordinary worker bee into a Queen Bee. Growing 50% larger than worker bees, she lives 4 to 5 years, compared to other bees that only live through one season.

Fresh royal jelly is a liquid containing approximately 67% water. It must be kept refrigerated or frozen to retain its nutritional integrity. Like any other product containing that much water it is perishable and has a shelf life of about one year if refrigerated.

Most stores and suppliers do not keep their fresh royal jelly refrigerated and therefore the benefits may become depleted. Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilizing, is a dehydration process which removes the water from a substance by exposure to dry, freezing air: no heat or chemicals are involved. Lyophilized RJ is a freeze-dried powder in which all the nutrients of fresh product are still present. In this state it can be stored at room temperature and thus has more uses and a longer shelf life, three years.

Also, of even more concern, yet rarely discussed, is the practice some suppliers use of working with pasteurized royal jelly. Protect yourself from this and learn more about pasteurized royal jelly here.

But why then do people still continue to sell it in liquid form? – there’s no reason not to, so long as you (the company) have the capacity to process it and to still retain its benefits. The downside is that you are essentially producing a product that is mostly water. When you offer this in pill form the pills are going to be very low potency, only 150mg of active substance is typical. So the consumer must take many pills to have an effective daily dose and to reap the benefits of the fresh substance. We do prefer to remove the water, retain the integrity and offer our customers high dosage capsules, like our 1000mg royal jelly.

The finest product is freeze-dried, with all its nourishment and benefits ‘locked-in’ for the duration of its shelf life – other products retaining the high water content are perishable and the potency/benefit diminishes with normal storage.

Always Insist on –

No Chemicals – No Preservatives – maximum potency – maximum freshness

Up to 1000 mg of this incredible substance in 1 capsule.

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