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5 Things You Don’t Know About Royal Jelly

Unless you’re a beekeeper, you probably don’t know just how powerful this substance really can be. Oh sure, you’ve heard people talk about the big benefits that royal jelly can bring – you know, the information that’s lurking on every bee product website on the ‘net. However, these 5 lesser-known tidbits might actually have a bigger impact on your life:

1. It can turn you into a queen bee!products for health

Unlike human royalty, there isn’t a formal line of succession for queen bees. Instead, the hive selects its next queen when she’s just a few days old. Once she’s been chosen, the queen bee to-be starts getting fed royal jelly – and eats it for the rest of her life. Thanks to all the nutrients she’s getting from it, the queen bee winds up being the biggest bee in the hive, and she lives by far the longest.
While you won’t see such extreme results, if you’re looking to boost your endurance – and turn yourself into a queen bee of sorts – you can do it with royal jelly!

2. It’s better than taking a B-complex supplement

Sick of spending a fortune on bottles of B vitamins? RJ may be the solution! That’s because it is especially rich in B vitamins – so rich, in fact, that it can be just like taking a B-complex supplement! Plus with RJ, if you buy it from the right place you’ll know you’re taking something far more healthy, natural and unprocessed, than the typical B vitamins you find in Wal-Mart.

How can all of those B vitamins help you?
They play a role in just about every inch of your body, so it’s important to have them in the purest form you can. B vitamins produce energy and hormones, support your immune system, regulate your nervous and digestive systems, and even help you maintain a healthy heart.
If you want to see the very best that B vitamins have to offer, combine your royal jelly with foods that are also rich in B vitamins – like whole grains, leafy greens, eggs, and chicken. Together, they can give you a boost that changes your entire life!

3. It can give you a better head of hair!

Making your tresses beautiful is as easy as keeping them healthy. But instead of running out and buying a bunch of expensive conditioners and hair care products, you can boost your hair’s health with royal jelly.

4. It may give you a testosterone boost

Do a quick Google search, and you’ll see all kinds of talk about how royal jelly can be helpful to women who are suffering from fertility issues. The effects that it has on men don’t get as many of the headlines, but they’re just as big!
In fact, the link between this remarkable product from the hive and testosterone has been studied for decades. Back in 1939, scientists at Harvard said that RJ has “gonadotropic hormones”. Newer studies have shown that it leads to higher testosterone levels and even higher sperm counts – great news for men who are dealing with fertility issues! Are we guaranteeing it will help you get pregnant? of course not. We’re saying it might help, and that when looking around at what others are saying about it, there seems to be some evidence in its favor. Read more about royal jelly and fertility.

5. It might help your brain perform at its best

You’ve probably read that royal jelly is often used as a natural therapy for people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, but did you know that it might offer a brain boost even if you’re healthy?
Because it contains a fatty acid called 10-HDA, it might work silently to help improve your short-term memory, your ability to learn new things, and even your motor skills. Is there any wonder it’s called “brain food”?!

Look, we’re not saying it’s some kind of miracle cure, only that it’s stood the test of time like few others and that many, many people swear by it as a beneficial health tonic. We wish there were more hard evidence and more clinical studies, but we have what we have to go on and, along with our own experiences, we’re hooked!

Use this article to learn more about royal jelly.

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