Bee Propolis – This Isn’t Your Average Bee Product!

If you think you’ve heard about everything that bees have to offer, think again. Bee propolis is great for the hive, but it’s even better for you!

So, what is it?

It’s kind of like the bee version of super glue. But since bees don’t have the luxury of shopping at hardware stores, they have to make their own. Specifically, they mix beeswax and secretions from various trees together. The end result is a thick, sticky substance called bee propolis. Then, if some kind of structural issue pops up around the hive (like, for example, if part of the hive separates and creates an open space), the bees can use their propolis to seal everything back up.

bee propolis capsules 1000mgFor the bees, propolis is especially important because it keeps invaders out of their hive. By sealing up open spaces, there’s only one way in and out. As a result, they don’t have to worry about being surprised by lizards, flies, or other potentially-dangerous creatures.

And, because it’s so sticky, propolis can trap bacteria before it enters the hive. In the end, it makes for a safer, more structurally-sound place to “bee”!

So, how can bee propolis benefit you?

 Just like in the hive, it can fight off bacteria if you’ve got it stored inside your medicine cabinet, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. Scientists have tested its antibiotic properties, and they’ve deemed that it’s a great topical treatment for things like scratches, cuts, and other wounds.

 You can even gargle with it if you get a sore or some kind of irritation in your mouth (like a canker sore). Or, if you have a sore throat, look for bee propolis in spray form and spritz some onto the back of your throat. Unlike that throat spray you see at the drug store, bee propolis will actually help fight the germs that are causing your pain, rather than just numb the area!

Because it’s such a good germ-fighter, bee propolis can also help you keep acne at bay. And, because it’s an all-natural product, you won’t have to worry about the same side effects as you do with “traditional” acne products – like bleached towels or an irritated face.

 Speaking of irritation, bee propolis can actually prevent it from forming. So, it won’t just keep the pus and bacteria of acne away, it will also help soothe the pain and inflammation that comes from the bigger, more serious breakouts.

 It can also help with more severe cases of skin pain and inflammation – like burns. In fact, bee propolis has been proven as an effective treatment for both “regular” burns and sunburns. So, forget rubbing aloe all over your skin. All you need is some bee propolis! [royal jelly can also be beneficial as a skin creme]

 That smooth soothing texture can also come in handy inside your mouth – particularly on your teeth, as a dental sealant. And, if you wear dentures, then you know all about the additional germ hazards you face (like yeast infections). But if you make bee propolis a regular part of your oral health routine, you can tackle the germs and other funky stuff that are trying to set up shop in between your gums and your dentures. That way, your smile can be just as healthy as everyone else’s!

But the benefits of bee propolis don’t end there. In fact, this stuff can have a major impact below the belt!

 Some studies have shown that bee propolis can actually help women who are suffering from endometriosis – an incredibly painful gynecological condition that can eventually lead to infertility. In addition to relieving the symptoms of the endometriosis itself, bee propolis has been shown to help sufferers help conceive later. And, unlike traditional hormone therapy, it doesn’t come with a bunch of unpleasant side effects!

 But don’t worry, guys. We haven’t forgotten about you!

 In addition to bee propolis’ antibacterial properties, it has also been proven to haveantiviral properties. That means it can be used to help fight off genital herpes in both men and women. (We bet THAT’S a benefit you weren’t expecting to get from your medicine cabinet, from a bunch of bees, no less!)

raw propolis extract health benefits


 If you’re looking to get a boost that can benefit your entire system, bee propolis can provide that, too. It’s actually a proven immune system booster – which can make you look and feel good all over. The secret lies in its ingredients. Bee propolis is very high in vitamins (specifically Vitamins B, C, and E). It’s also chock-full of antioxidants, which can significantly reduce your chances of developing cancer.

 When you look at it that way, it’s easy to see why there’s a ton of buzz surrounding bee propolis! This stuff really is something special… Take it, and it will take care of you!

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