Tips For Weight Loss and Weight Management

Simple Truths to Losing the Fat and Keeping it Off
total-bee-GTWe’ve pretty much all struggled with weight issues at one time or another. We’re actually predisposed to gain and lose weight with some degree of regularity, it’s genetically wired into us and our body is equipped to deal with it.
If you think back to our earliest roots, it was a time of feast or famine. Food would be plentiful for a while then scarce. We evolved around over-eating when food was available, allowing our bodies to store the excess (fat) for fast access, then living off the excess when the food became scarce.
In those times the environment provided us with a natural type of eating regulation – in modern times, where food is plentiful for most, we need to go against our natural instincts and learn to regulate ourselves.

Clearly, the ‘regulation’ is where most of us fall down and fail at diet and weight loss. Regulation of food intake is knowing how many calories your body needs to provide the energy to fuel the effort. In this case, ‘effort’ is basically how much you move around and how much energy you expend whilst at rest. We’re all different in this regard, our clocks all tick at a different rate. The rate at which our energy clocks tick is termed ‘metabolism’. The faster our clock the more energy we burn even when at rest.

apple cider vinegar and weight lossWe can train our clocks to tick faster. We need to simply become more active, more frequently, and our metabolism will increase. When our metabolism increases, we burn more fuel (calories) even when we’re not moving, and weight loss, when needed – comes more easily and naturally.

So exercise is what is needed to raise our metabolism and provide the foundation for efficient fuel burning. We can’t escape it, it’s a simple fact of life.

Of course you don’t have to exercise, you can just eat less. But to create an optimal environment for all around good health and wellness, we should all learn to strike a happy balance between physical exercise and regulating what we eat.

But isn’t it easier to just find a diet pill that works, then let the pill resolve all of our weight management issues?

If only that were possible. Were it possible we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic that we’ve witnessed in the last two decades or so.
But there are dietary aids which can help us with weight loss. Earlier I used the term ‘create an optimal environment for all around good health and wellness’. This is important. When we create the right environment for weight management we become far more efficient at regulating body mass. The environment in this sense includes:

Digestive system
Immune System
Brain Function

If we can find some external support for each of these different areas of our body, we can make the task of weight loss and subsequent weight management easier.

Let me give you a very quick overview of how each of these areas is important to body mass and optimal body weight maintenance –


The rate at which our internal clocks tick is termed our metabolic rate. There are many analogies one can use to help us visualize metabolism and the role it plays. I like to think of it as a furnace which provides the heat for a large living space. When the furnace door is closed there’s insufficient oxygen to fuel the fire and the flames provide little heat energy resulting in a cold environment. Crank the door open and the flames burn fiercely, the fire is hot and the environment is heated efficiently. Of course to provide the heat one must now add more fuel. Provided the door stays open whatever fuel we throw into the furnace is quickly burned up.
Losing the metaphor – we need to get our metabolism up and we need it to stay up for optimal body weight. The best way to do this is through regular exercise. We can introduce certain stimulants which provide short-term (temporary) boosts, but they’re not the solution. Caffeine. ephedra and other stimulants are NOT the answer.


Digestive System

The food we eat needs to be assimilated efficiently into our bodies to provide us with both the fuel and the nutrition we need to function optimally. Poor digestive function may mean that we’re never properly ‘energized’ by the fuel we eat, and that our body is never properly equipped to operate efficiently. This can negate any other benefits that we introduce, such as exercise and the necessary forms of mental stimulation to stay motivated to manage our weight.


Immune System

Our immune system is the safety harness that keeps us free from many minor and major illnesses that might come along and impact us at any time. Our immune system works silently day and night to regulate and remove the many toxins that enter our body from the environment (airborne) and from our digestive systems (foods). These toxins take different forms, from the allergens which attack us via plant pollens, dust and mold, to the free radicals that enter the bloodstream from foods and the digestive process. However they enter our body, the immune system is our defense against sickness, and we need to keep it functioning optimally.


Brain FunctionLosing weight and dieting tips

You may wonder why I’ve included ‘brain function’ in a list of essential body functions relating to weight management. In actual fact it is probably the most important tool we have against obesity and anything else that is externally influenced.

Quite simply, we need to get smarter about managing our health and our weight. We need to develop a more positive and proactive approach to weight loss, weight management and health in general. We need to learn to listen to and observe what our body is telling us and to react accordingly – all of this takes place between the ears.

I’ll give you a clear example of how this works and how it is critical in managing weight.

We have a weightloss / weight management product on our website and in retail stores called ‘Symbiolean‘. The product contains certain natural ingredients which have been shown to be beneficial to weight loss. One of these ingredients is bee pollen. Bee pollen has been associated with appetite suppression and with removing certain cravings – food, nicotine, alcohol etc, and bee pollen is taken widely for weight loss.
Now we all have our set routines when it comes to food. Take lunch, for example. We probably take a sandwich to the office, perhaps with fruit and yoghurt and a candy bar to round things off. Or, we team up with a couple of our fellow workers and we go to McDonald’s on a Monday, Subway on a Tuesday and Pizza Hut on a Wednesday, because they have a great ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet. Whatever the routine is, it is a routine and we’ve become accustomed to doing things a certain way.

Now along comes a product like Symbiolean. We’ve taken a proactive step towards our weight loss goals by spending our hard-earned money on a vitamin supplement and we’re a week into taking it. All of this is good so far.

But are we listening to the new music?

Let’s just assume the product works for you in the way many others have reported and in the way it is intended. Here are just two of the many positive comments we’ve received by people taking the product –

1 – I feel more energized
2 – My appetite is less

tips for weight lossNow with this new environment that you find yourself in, how are you reacting to it? Are you adapting your habits to the new way of feeling or is business as usual?

Let’s take point one, above. If you feel more alert, more energized and more motivated about getting up from your seat and moving around, then do it! Take a walk, or a jog or a bike ride. React to the new stimuli and change those old habits. Make the new things that you do become the habit. Adapt and change your lifestyle and make the effects (and benefits) permanent.

And point two, what happens if your appetite is less? Do you eat the same meal, the same portion size? If you do, and you expect a change, then perhaps it’s time to step back and take stock. You absolutely MUST listen to the new music and react/adapt to it. If you arrive at the counter at Subway and you’re really not feeling all that hungry, then just order a small salad. If you find yourself getting a little rumble at 3.30pm because you skipped your foot-long, you’re not going to die! Just hang in there or take a light snack with you for the afternoons.

The point is, if you don’t react and adapt then little is going to change.

Of course this is about discipline and motivation and these are both primarily dictated by what goes on inside your head. But the brain can be trained, in actual fact it’s far easier than you think.

However you approach this you need to accept the fact that you’re going to have to do some things differently. I can’t tell you how to reorganize your life but I can tell you this – when you make positive changes to your diet, your lifestyle or anything that impacts weight management, the rewards can be phenomenal. I know this from personal experience as someone who has fought with weight issues my entire adult life, but has, in the last 18 months, finally nailed it. I used the products, recognized and adapted to the changes I was feeling within, embraced the new-found energy and turned to something that I enjoyed doing that provided me with more exercise, and I’ve dropped almost triple digit pounds in the process. Furthermore, I find that I can eat pretty much anything I want to eat without regaining any weight. I just need to keep the furnace door open and the fuel keeps burning efficiently!

Let me wrap up by stating some simple truths that might be adopted as a personal weight-loss mantra  – perhaps if you’re one of the many who is struggling with weight management you should jot these down.

1 – If I’m overweight and I do what I always do I’ll continue to be overweight.
2 – Some diet pills can help create the environment for change, but I still need to react and make the changes to feel the benefit.
3 – The new things I do need to replace the old habits and become the new and improved habits – they need to be real ‘lifestyle’ changes else I risk sliding back.
4 – The rewards can and will be massive.

Good Luck!

weight loss with green tea extract and bee pollen

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