Bee Pollen Supplements – Side Effects and Negative Reactions

We’ve covered the most commonly requested information relating to bee pollen supplements, but many people ask us about their side effects and if they may cause any negative reactions when consumed. The fact is that all foods (bee pollen is classed as a food and not a vitamin or herb) can cause negative reactions in certain individuals, and bee pollen is no different in this regard. In terms of documented reactions, there are actually very few. Considering some food products like peanuts, eggplant etc, which have many thousands of documented cases of negative reaction, bee pollen is actually statistically very safe on comparison.

But there will be some individuals with whom bee pollen causes a negative reaction or side effect, so it’s important to understand how to take it and what to look for. Firstly, all supplements should be taken under some form of medical supervision, particularly if you are very young, old, pregnant / nursing or have other ailments or are taking any other medication. Talk with your health practitioner first and seek their advice. The newer generation of Doctors seem to be more receptive to the use of natural health products, which is certainly a significant step forward, in my opinion.

Start of with small doses of the product, if you haven’t taken it before or haven’t taken it recently. Quite often you can place a small amount on the back of your tongue and you’ll feel a mild burning or itching sensation as a warning of a potential negative reaction. Clearly, if this happens you should discontinue use. There are some cases where this simple test may not actually prove helpful. For example, royal jelly can have a slightly acidic quality which causes a sensation on the tongue almost like course ground black pepper, where there’s a slight burning sensation. Clearly this would be normal and not necessarily a sign of an intolerance to the product.

If you begin taking the product, and it doesn’t agree with you, then there are a couple of signs that are more commonly reported than others. –

Hives – a slight reddening or patchiness on the skin, usually the face, is reported from people who have negative reactions to bee products.

Stomach cramps – if you feel any cramping in the stomach then cease taking the product.

These are extremely rare side effects, in the overwhelming majority of cases bee pollen and other bee products can be taken safely.

If in doubt, seek help and always err on the side of caution in all matters concerning your health.

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