Bee Pollen Benefits

We’ve talked extensively about the benefits of royal jelly in other areas of this website, but what about the benefits of bee pollen ?

Bee Pollen is perhaps second only to honey in its widespread use and availability, but it is no second best when it comes to nutritional natural bee pollen granules as a superfoodbenefit.

Its wide range of vitamins and minerals have been shown to aid stamina in athletes and provide a natural energy component to anyone using it in sufficient quantity. Typically you can gain the benefits of bee pollen by consuming it either in capsule or granulated form. But which is best? Assuming you source your bee products from a reputable supplier, the type of pollen you choose will largely come down to cost and convenience.

There are no guidelines from any regulatory bodies on the Recommended Daily Allowance of bee products. Many people use a full teaspoon which equates to around 5000 mg (5 full grams). Now since most capsules come in 500mg dosage, that would require 10 capsules daily, which is quite a lot. So many people seek out whole grain bee pollen granules, where it can be served by the spoonful, as a more convenient way of realizing the benefits.

Bee pollen is taken for weight lossFortunately, the bioavailability of bee pollen and other bees products has improved greatly in recent years due to new potentiation processes developed by manufacturers. This process lifts the bio availability of the product so that more of it can be ingested and absorbed by the stomach, hence more of its nutrients and active ingredients can be released into the body. Whereas 10 years ago the typical ingestion efficiency of bee pollen was as low as 5-10%, it is now as high as 80% or even greater in some instances, due to the new potentiation process. It therefore may no longer be necessary to consume the substance in such large dosages to gain access to its many benefits.

But other than energy, what are bee pollen’s benefits?

Clinical studies generated by the medical community, along with articles and books written by industry experts claim that the benefits of bee pollen extend to natural longevity and a capacity for slowing down the aging process. Personally I think anyone who adopts a healthy lifestyle, exercises regularly, eats well etc, has the capacity for extending life and living more healthily into old age. Should that person supplement their food intake with products like bee pollen, with its high nutrient content, then it makes sense that there are going to be benefits which work alongside the other healthy activities which go to promote longevity and good health into old age.

Staying fit and healthy requires some work and commitment, and anyone thinking they can circumvent the process, be a couch potato and take a natural supplement every day, is simply deluding themselves.

bee pollen granules bulk poundBee pollen may also have some benefits relating to your sexual health, including libido / virility and aid to the reproductive system. Clinical studies have indicated a large improvement in sperm count among men using the product, and other studies point to an improvement in prostate health and function as one of the beneficial effects.
Weight loss and natural weight control are also listed as bee pollen benefits. [learn more here about bee pollen and weight loss]. There are studies relating to this which focus on bee pollens affect on the metabolism and its use in dissolving fat cells. Also, the lecithin in bee pollen is considered by many to reduce people’s craving for food and other addictive substances such as tobacco and alcohol. I can’t really comment on the general addictions, but certainly when I take the product it does give more of a sense of being satiated when consumed with cereals or in a smoothie drink for example. 

Given that it is generally consumed in larger quantities than regular vitamin products, it stands to reason that it will provide more nutritionally and also give a sense of fullness when consumed as part of a meal.

Bee pollen may also be effective in lowering your cholesterol levels and providing some relief from seasonal allergies, as discussed in “Bee Pollen and Allergies“.

Total Bee Plus with bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and honeySo what is the real key to its benefits ?
Bee pollen has nutritional elements that work to build the immune system, which may in fact be the key factor leading to its healthy array of potential benefits. It contains approximately 35% protein, 55% carbohydrate, 2% fatty acids and 3% minerals and vitamins. It is quite high in B-complex vitamins and vitamins C, D, and E. As discussed it also contains lecithin, beta-carotene, selenium, all of which have been proven effective in strengthening the immune system, which in turn leads to good health and longevity*. 

Combining bee pollen with other products from the beehive seems to be another key to its amazing range of benefits. When used in conjunction with royal jelly, propolis and honey, the nutritional spectrum is complete and all substances are available (other than water) to sustain life. This has earned the product the often used title as nature’s only “super food”. There are other foods and vitamins that boost immune function, but few have the potency of natural bee pollen. With its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, it has been used through the centuries to restore health and vitality in the sick, and to protect healthy individuals through its benefits to the immune system and antioxidant function.
Again, we’re not qualified to say that this product is the answer to your dietary supplement needs, but there is considerable documented evidence that you may benefit from the use of bee pollen and other honeybee products.

[clinical study of bee pollen]

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