Bee Pollen:  Natural Weight Loss And More

One of the oldest foods enjoyed by civilizations worldwide is honey.  In its purest, organic form, it yields enormous health benefits for those who choose to incorporate it into their diets.  However, few have considered the importance of including bee pollen as a means to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Bee pollen is quickly becoming well known for its positive effects on the body.  Recently, many have found success when adding bee pollen to their daily weight loss regimens.

Bee Pollen and Metabolism

bee pollen and metabolismBee pollen may prove to be highly effective at bolstering a sagging metabolism.  When your metabolism is functioning optimally, your body is best prepared to burn fat efficiently.  Burned fat equates to consistent weight loss. [A more detailed look at the weight loss benefits of bee pollen]

While bee pollen also provides a needed boost to improve your metabolic rate, it may also work to heal any outstanding issues that impede your metabolism from functioning at its best.  A sub-optimally functioning  metabolism is often the culprit behind weight gain

Bee pollen may help unearth any hidden chemical problems in the body and begin the work of repairing them*

Appetite and Bee Pollen

In addition to being a powerful metabolic fueler, bee pollen may also help to stabilize and reduce your appetite.  Eating too much is as much to blame as a lazy metabolism in the battle against weight gain. Bee pollen helps remedy this problem by helping your body to process the foods you eat efficiently, ensuring that you do not suffer from the crippling highs and lows that can lead to chronic overeating, and thus, weight gain. As your appetite is regulated, you eat consistently less and are much more easily satisfied with healthful portions of food that are more conducive to weight loss and maintenance.

Food Cravings and Bee Pollen

suppress food cravings with bee pollenSome proponents of bee pollen consumption claim that after adding this powerful food to their daily meals they no longer suffer from specific food cravings.  Often the less healthy foods we find ourselves reaching for are drawing us to them because of mineral deficiencies in our bodies.  Bee pollen may help to alleviate this problem by providing all the things needed for a healthy body, and thus, reducing the sometimes overwhelming urge for salty, sugary snacks.  It essentially helps to reset our body, leaving us in the perfect state of balance.

Bee pollen naturally contains phenylalanine.  Phenylalanine is responsible for assisting with feelings of satiation following a meal or snack.  It reinforces our weight loss efforts by regulating our feelings of fullness, thus enabling us to eat fewer calories and to reap those rewards later at the scale.

Bee Pollen – Effects on Energy, Stamina and Exercise

bee pollen effects on stamina and exerciseMany who engage in weight loss programs complain of having little to no time or energy to exercise.  Exercise is a critical component of any lifestyle change, and bee pollen delivers a powerful punch in this area as well.  Bee pollen used as a food or supplement may work as a natural energy enhancer.  Consumption of bee pollen may help promote greater mental acuity, increased focus, and long term energy, allowing you to accomplish more without feeling fatigued.

Many athletes consume bee pollen as a natural performance enhancer.  It is shown to be effective at providing greater long term strength and endurance which is particularly important for competitors engaged in such strenuous activities as professional cycling or marathon running.  They tire less quickly and have regulated stores of energy to fuel them through lengthy and challenging training sessions and sporting events.

Is Bee Pollen A Superfood?

Bee pollen is considered by many to be a potent superfood containing all the vital nutrients for whole body wellness.  Many of these important vitamins and minerals natural bee pollen granules as a superfoodare not found in our every day foods (or are not found in sufficient quantities), and thus, our bodies are often lacking what they need to perform at their highest level.

Bee pollen is jam-packed with nutrition, hence its label as a superfood. Just a small portion of it may provide solid nutritional benefits.  Because it is nutritionally dense, it is a powerhouse for the body that is also relatively low in calories.

Though bee pollen is considered a natural weight loss aid, it is worth noting that the results may not be immediate at the scale.  In the battle for weight loss, bee pollen is a distance runner and not a sprinter. The benefits are long term, and the effects are steady and consistent.  It is recommended that bee pollen be coupled with a healthy, balanced diet as well as some moderate exercise in order to be the most effective.

Bee Pollen and its History in Homeopathy – Why Do People Take It?

Bee pollen has long been used in Chinese medicine.  Chinese naturopathic doctors have found it to be useful in a variety of treatments including regulation of bowel movements, preventing airborne contagious disease, improving blood quality, increasing energy levels, and reducing overactive appetite problems and other addictive behaviors.

Not only is bee pollen considered a potent tool in the weight loss field, it may also assist with the stabilization of healthy cholesterol levels in the body.  It may help to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises the healthy one (HDL).  Many people have expressed that their cholesterol levels have returned to normal after faithfully following a diet with added bee pollen.

Bee pollen is also a great help to those suffering with gastrointestinal ailments.  It can assist with regulating both diarrhea and constipation thus cleansing the digestive system and preparing it to function normally once again.  A digestive system that is operating at its proper efficiency is a great boon to weight loss and maintenance.  Many suffering from serious chronic digestive distress such as Crohn’s disease or colitis report feeling relief from symptoms with the addition of bee pollen to their daily diet.

One of the key elements found in bee pollen is lecithin.  Lecithin promotes a stronger metabolism by helping the body eliminate fats through dissolution of the fat then subsequent release from the body via urination and elimination.  It streamlines the fat removal process by supporting the metabolism through these processes.  It also assists the body in properly assimilating nutrients which are fat soluble.  Essentially, it helps get rid of the stuff we don’t want while ensuring we are using the stuff we do want to maximum impact.

The humble bee provides us with many wonderful treats to enjoy.  From a slather of mouth-watering, organic wildlflower honey on a lightly toasted artisanal bread to a sprinkle of bee pollen over a cup of hearty cereal for breakfast, it provides tremendous benefits for our health and is a much-loved ancient tool which can help us reach our goals.

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