Natural ways to promote more energy with common energy supplements

There are a variety of reasons for having a lack of energy or ‘lethargy’ and some can be helped by including a natural energy supplement in your diet. But first you should take a look at the underlying cause. Quite often the cause can be a lack of sleep, not necessarily quantity but sleep quality. It is very important to have several hours of deep sleep each night. If you awake periodically then toss and turn before drifting off then the chances are you’re not getting your body into a deep sleep state and you’ll awake the next day lacking energy and motivation. This happens to all of us from time to time, the important thing is not to let it develop into a destructive pattern or cycle.
Sleep issues can lead to health issues, some which are quite serious in nature, so if you find that you’re having trouble getting deep sleep, taking energy drinks and supplements the next day is not the answer, you need to address the problem at the root.
Here are a few things which you might be experiencing during the day that can be affecting your sleep and your subsequent energy levels –

Lack of exercise –

Exercising is the best way to raise energy levels and force your body into a natural tired state where deep sleep can occur more readily and naturally. Exercising doesn’t have to mean conjuring up some tremendous amount of energy for an extreme workout at the gym. Exercising can be just taking a 30 minute walk, stretching and bending and perhaps moving to music, yoga, sports or basically whatever gets your heart rate up for 20 consecutive minutes or more. Don’t make it a chore, make it something that you enjoy doing and you’ll feel the real benefits of it. Exercise will also get your metabolism up and as a result you’ll feel more energized even when you’re not exercising. Your body needs these natural cycles, energy – exercise – rest – sleep. If taking energy drinks and supplements help with your motivation to exercise daily then that’s fine so long as you use supplements and products which are natural and healthy and compliment other areas of your diet. Which brings me to the next issue affecting sleep.

Poor Diet –

Insufficient good, restful, deep sleep can quickly become insomnia, and is something that can be caused by poor diet. Quite often poor diet and lack of exercise go hand in hand so the issue is compounded. It isn’t unusual for people who don’t exercise and don’t eat properly to embark on some fad diet to try and lose weight, which then adds a third component to the sleep issue which is vitamin and nutrient deficiency. The body needs the full spectrum of nutrition to function healthily and at its best. Vitamins, fats, minerals, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and fatty acids, all play some role in keeping us healthy and energized. When we preclude certain nutrients through our diet choices we can impact our health and affect our ability to gain adequate quality sleep. Nutritional supplementation can help but it shouldn’t be considered the answer to the problem. If you go down the energy supplement route be sure to select something which provides you with some of the nutrients you are missing and not just an energy drink that’s high in sugar or caffeine. I use bee products like bee pollen and royal jelly to provide me with a good source of natural nutrients and they also help with energy and stamina as a bonus side effect. Royal jelly has a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins etc, as does bee pollen. Also, bee pollen contains rutin, which is a substance shown to promote weight loss, which often times is desirable when we go through periods of poor dietary practices. Learn more about bee pollen and weight loss here

So energy can be impacted by many factors, the most significant of which can be lack of quality sleep. Of course there are other reasons, some of which may indicate a more serious underlying cause, so be sure to consult with your health practitioner before adding natural energy supplements to your diet regimen.

Issues to consider when looking for energy supplements –

The problem with most of the quick-fix energy products is that they often contain a lot of sugar, which can lead to weight gain and other health problems. They may work in the real short term but their longer range consequences can be extremely harmful. Many of the popular energy products and drinks for dealing with fatigue and chronic fatigue can also contain a lot of caffeine, often much more than is present in a cup of coffee. So I prefer a more gentle approach to energy management involving specific nutrients known to boost energy levels naturally.

What are natural energy boosting nutrients?

The Vitamin B Family, namely Vitamin B12, Biotin and Folic Acid, can help fight fatigue by helping our assimilation of sugar/glucose (fuel) and aiding in the formation of blood cells (energy transport). S As discusses above, bee products like royal jelly and bee pollen contain the necessary vitamins and minerals to help promote energy in a natural way, there are of course others, including Co-Enzyme Q-10 and magnesium.

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