Glutamine is found in bee pollen and royal jelly and is the most abundant building block of protein in the body. It is also involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid. It is converted into glucose by the body as it is needed. It also strengthens and improves the intestinal lining. This amino acid is stored primarily in the muscles and secondarily in the lungs. Our bodies produce enough glutamine on its own for every day maintenance. However, extensive work outs, prolonged stress, injuries, and even infections can deplete this supply. This is one reason that glutamine supplementation is recommended and one of the reasons why bee pollen is popular among athletes.

Glutamic Acid – Mother Nature’s “brain food”, Glutamic Acid is thought to increase mental prowess and energy and to speed the healing of tumors in the brain. Glutamine may also assist in brain capacity and memory function, immune function, and digestion. An additional role of Glutamine is to rid the body of excess ammonia. Glutamine has been used in many ways in the medical industry as well as the physical fitness scene. It has been used in HIV and AIDS along with other nutrients to help sustain body mass. It also aids in T-cell formation. Glutamine has been used on patients to strengthen the immune system and also help recovery of severe burns. It has been recognized for muscle preservation, intestinal health, and like propolis, in regulating the immune system.

Glutamine has been used to reduce the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. It does this by boosting the effectiveness of medications used to kill cancerous growths. It protects the liver and the lining of the intestines from toxicity from chemotherapy. This would explain why patients who undergo aggressive chemotherapy would benefit from increasing glutamine intake.

This powerful amino acid benefits numerous functions of the body. From aiding in the healing process of wounds and injury to possibly alleviating harsh side effects of medical treatment, Glutamine is an amino acid that can be used by a wide range of people. Bee products contain all of the essential and non essential amino acids in a natural form. Using royal jelly and other bee products as amino acid supplements may help as part of your natural wellness regimen.


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