We’ve talked about bee products like royal jelly and bee pollen and how they contain amino acids. In the case of royal jelly, we’ve discussed how the amino acid content might account for much of its effectiveness. So at this stage we should take a more in-depth look at some of the amino acids contained in bee products.

Amino Acids

There are 22 standard amino acids which the human body assimilates from food. Of the 22 standard amino acids, 8 are termed essential amino acids – which cannot be synthesized from any compounds other than food – it is important that our diet provides us with natural replenishment of essential amino acids through foods and dietary supplements. Bee products such as royal jelly and bee pollen are high in amino acid content, and can supplement our amino acid intake alongside foods.

Here are the amino acids, along with links to more description in some cases –

Bee products are known to provide us with the essential amino acids that our body’s need, but it’s important to retain the ‘live’ state of the product and not to subject it to harmful processing.

We recommend that you continue to read and research the importance of amino acids, then consider products like ‘Total Bee Plus’ as a compound product containing royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey – all four bee products combined in one capsule. Look right for links to the product. The subject of amino acids is also covered in the popular book – “Power of the Beehive” which you may download freely here

Other Amino Acids include L-Carnosine Amino Acids – L-Carnosine

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