L-Carnosine and bee products.

Bee products like bee pollen contain L-Carnosine which is being recognized for its incredible properties. In some countries this amino acid is considered a miracle worker. L-Carnosine is an amino acid that is comprised of beta-alanine and L-histidine. This combination makes for a powerful amino acid. L-Carnosine is said to have the ability to rejuvenate cells, as is a common claim with products like royal jelly. As an antioxidant and cell protector it speeds up cell replacement. By speeding cell replacement and providing much needed antioxidants to the body, L-Carnosine may enhance the skin complexion keeping it fresher and younger looking. This is an anti-aging amino acid, again, an attribute often applied to bee products and royal jelly. As an amino acid, it may help improve hair and nail condition.

L-Carnosine as an amino acid is recognized to fight allergies, a common claim made by people who use bee pollen for allergy control. It is a catalyst to other nutrients, improves blood flow, and has been shown to stall and possibly prevent asthma, migraine and septic shock. It may help boost memory and aid in fighting Alzheimer’s, protect the body from harsh cancer treatments, bind itself to harmful metal compounds and deactivate them, and protect the body’s cells from harmful free radicals.

L-Carnosine has shown significant improvement in the following conditions: aging, cell stem production, memory, ADHD, autism, skin care, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, bone health, arthritis, muscular condition, and may increase life span.

bee pollen weight lossL-Carnosine is popular among athletes and body builders because of its marked improvement in minimizing muscle fatigue. It also aids in speedy recovery from injury. L-Carnosine increases muscle strength and endurance. The benefits are endless for those concerned with physical condition and over all appearance. Not only may L-Carnosine help the inside of the body with muscle repair and cell replacement, it may greatly enhance the individual’s outside appearance. Cells throughout the body may be enhanced and rejuvenated by the intake of L-Carnosine. Quite often we here people talk about athletes around the world using bee pollen. Naturally, nowadays there are many more athletic supplements on the market, but bee pollen was the first, and its amino acid content may explain its perceived effectiveness in the world of sports. As well as energy, bee pollen is commonly used for weight loss.

Meat, poultry, and fish are food sources of L-Carnosine, however, as we age, the levels of L-Carnosine in our bodies greatly decreases. This could be responsible for the decrease in muscle mass and the strength of muscles in the elderly. Supplementing with L-Carnosine could replace much needed levels of this important amino acid in the body.

Many of us these days understand the importance of regular exercise, but as we age, recovery from strenuous exercise becomes more difficult. Aside from the many remarkable abilities of L-Carnosine, it is used and recognized in the fitness industry for speeding up cell recovery and boosting muscle repair. The exertion placed on our bodies through extensive work out regimens quickly uses up necessary nutrients that our body naturally produce. In regard to this it is necessary that we keep levels up through supplementation.

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