Wholesale FAQ’s

Q – Is there are large upfront commitment for buying wholesale?

A – NO! We have very low minimums, just order 10 of any item and spend $150 or more on your wholesale orders. For Private Label, the order minimum is one case of any item, or 12 bottles.


Q – How can I secure repeat order business for my sales, can I use my own label and/or contact information?

A – Yes! – We have a Private Label program for exactly this – click here to learn more Using our Private Label program is the easiest way to launch your own business brand. We charge only $1.00 per label per item (for printing and application) and we have options including zero setup costs.

Q – What’s the difference between a wholesale and a dealer account?

A – Wholesale accounts are for businesses selling to the end user (B2C, or business to consumer) and dealer accounts are for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B). The minimum order quantities for dealer accounts are higher than for wholesale, but we do offer better pricing structures for dealers. We also offer regional exclusivity programs for dealers, subject to monthly minimums being maintained. Contact us if you would like more information on becoming a dealer for our bee products.

Q – I’m interested but your company is new to me, how can I trust you?

A – The Natural Shopper has been trading for 20+ years and we’ve supplied 1000’s of satisfied customers with our premium grade beehive products. Search online for ‘Total Bee Plus’ and read our testimonials / review page here

Q – I want to add beehive supplements to my store but your prices are higher then I’ve seen for other bee products, why is this?

A – Not all health products are created equal, and this is very much the case with beehive products. Many companies use cheap imported raw ingredients with powders which are ‘cut’ with large quantities of fillers and excipients. We use only the finest grade ingredients in our products, all fully tested under FDA compliance. Products like our royal jelly powder are carefully selected to be of the highest potency (minimum 6% 10-HDA) and are wholegrain bee pollens are pure and fresh. Our propolis extract is made using the best proprietary extraction techniques available, ensuring a high bio flavonoid content and high bioavailability. Simply put, we do not compete with the $10 per bottle no-name brands at Walmart or Walgreens, we offer only premium quality products that work!

Another consideration when shopping based on price is how that will impact your repeat orders. When you buy lower grade and lower quality products it is less likely that people will actually feel any difference from taking the product and the chances of you securing a repeat customer are low. With our products we have thousands of repeat order customers, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, using our products on a daily basis. Why? Because they’re the highest quality available and they work!

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