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Why Use Our Hand Sanitizer?
We’ve just released our potent Hand Sanitizer product under the ‘Propolcet’ brand – Propolcet HS 

Unique to other commercial hand sanitizer products is the use of bee propolis as an active ingredient. Bee Propolis is manufactured and used by honeybees to sterilize insect and small animal carcasses that enter the beehive and perish. It has shown itself in many tests to be a potent antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, and has both topical and dietary applications.

We’ve taken alcohol extracted bee propolis of the finest health supplement quality and blended it with 99% strength isopropyl alcohol, to create an effective hand sanitizer with some residual benefits.

Residual Benefits? Yes, we believe so. Isopropyl alcohol has an extremely fast evaporation rate on the skin, typically under 15 seconds for a 70% alcohol. By adding Propolis, the alcohol evaporates leaving behind a thin layer of propolis, which is both good for the skin and good for fighting off viral/bacterial pathogens.

You can purchase the ready-made product below, or you can make your own version at home by following the DIY recipe below.




Buy Propolcet Hand Sanitizer

Our Hand Sanitizer Contains:

  • 75% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Bee Propolis
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Distilled Water


With respect to pricing on our own formula, the pandemic has created an extreme shortage of the raw ingredients needed to make the product, hence we’ve had to pay exorbitant pricing just to get a product to our customers as quickly as possible.

When the raw material cost comes down, our price for the product will follow.

 DIY Formula

Meanwhile, if you have access to the raw ingredients, you can make your own version of the product by following the instructions below.The Natural Shopper specialize in honeybee products

What You’ll Need

1 Gallon Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol for medicinal use and NOT technical or industrial grade) 99% is best.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Bee Propolis Powder

Distilled or boiled water

Here’s the basic math (only applicable if you’re starting out with a 99% IPA) – Skip The Math.

1 gallon = 37851 ml.

Starting with a 99% base:

(3785 x 99%) / 75% =4996 ml.

So 4996 ml is the final amount of product you’ll end up with.

4996 – 3785 = 1211 ml

So 1211 ml is what you need to add in total volume to 1 gallon of 99% IPA to cut the IPA to 75%

Now let’s work out what goes into that 1211ml:

We want a small amount only of the Hydrogen Peroxide to kill any bacterial spores in the solution, 0.05% of the final volume.

4996 x 0.05 = 249.8 (250) ml

So we need to add 250 ml of H2o2.

What does that leave?

1211 – 250 = 961 ml

We now need propolis powder, and we recommend using 150 grams powder weight, (density: 0.961 g/cm3) = 156 ml.

What does that leave?

961 – 156 = 805 ml.

We recommend using 600ml of Aloe Vera Gel and 205ml distilled water.


Therefore you’re going to be using:

  • 1 Gallon of 99% IPA
  • 250ml Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 150 grams propolis powder
  • 600ml of Aloe Vera Gel
  • 205ml distilled water.

Now you’ll need to dissolve your propolis in alcohol. Using a sterile jar with a tight-fitting lid, add approximately 1000ml of isopropyl alcohol to the jar and add the propolis powder. Seal the jar and shake gently every couple hours or whenever you can. Of course, you can avoid this step by using propolis which has already been dissolved in ethanol, but mostly that’s less accessible than the powder variety.

The powder needs a couple of days or more to dissolve, the longer you can leave it the less residual powder you’ll strain off when making the batch.

You’ll need a (glass, preferably) contained with a tight-fitting lid that’s around 1.5 gallons, to do the main mix. Strain the contents of the propolis solution into the large jar and add all of the other ingredients including the remaining IPA.

Gently shake the contents to blend. It may take a while for the aloe vera gel to fully dissolve. Allow the solution to sit for 72 hours so the Hydrogen Peroxide can do its work, then shake again and divide it into smaller sealed containers.

Remember that IPA has a fast evaporation rate, so don’t leave it exposed to the atmosphere for more than a few seconds when making the batch.

Good luck!



Q – What will be the final strength of my batch?

A – As long as you start with a 99% base you’ll be cutting the IPA down to 75% with the added ingredients.

Q – Why Propolis? 

A – Propolis is known to be an extremely potent natural antiviral and antibacterial substance. Utilizing a propolis solution in conjunction with isopropyl alcohol and an aloe vera emollient, may provide an even more potent compound to kill bacteria and viruses quickly, and also protect the hands, albeit at a diminished rate of effectiveness, for some period after the initial application.

Update April 27 2020!

We’ve had many first-time visitors to our website who’ve found our Hand Sanitizer recipe via Facebook and found it useful. Many of you are new to seeing bee products sold as health supplements and have asked us what they might do for the immune system. There’s a great deal of info on our website and a good place to start is with the ‘Resources’ button at the top of each of our pages.

In a nutshell, honeybee products have been used for centuries to supplement health and wellness and in particular, for benefits to the immune system. Bee propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and even honey, are rich in nutrients and vitamins and as a combination, provide us with a useful boost to the immune system. They are also taken widely for energy, mental clarity and focus, weight regulation, and much more.

If you want to try a product, then here’s a great offer to get you started!

Our SymbioHive is also sold as Total Bee Plus and it contains all four bee products in one potent capsule. Try it today and feel the many benefits of bee products for yourself.