Ornithine with Arginine

Ornithine forms three amino acids that are responsible for supplying energy to every cell in the body. The amino acids formed by ornithine are citrulline, glutamic acid, and proline. This amino acid helps reduce body fat and build muscle. Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid. This means that the body is able to produce the supply that is needed. Meat, fish, dairy products and eggs are all good sources of Ornithine.

Ornithine, used as a supplement, may increase muscle content. Ornithine can also be found in many fat burning and muscle building drinks and bottles. This amino acid is vital to removing toxic ammonia from the liver as well as excess nitrogen content in the body. Ornithine helps to promote tissue repair and fight off the signs of aging. This is done by the role it plays in stimulating growth hormone production. Growth hormones are needed to build and maintain muscle, especially during intense physical training. Stacking Ornithine with Arginine boosts this effect.

Arginine also assists in removing excess ammonia from the body, stimulates the immune system and promotes the secretion of insulin and growth hormone. Because of this, athletes that are ceasing the use of androgenic or anabolic steroids may benefit from Arginine use. Arginine, as Ornithine, signals the release of growth hormones. This amino acid enhances fat metabolism, regulates salt levels in the body, and supports healthy sexual function.

Used in tandem, these two amino acids are very beneficial to vascular health. It has been used to treat hypertension and lower blood pressure in some individuals. Healing properties increase when these two amino acids are used together. Hormone secretion, immunity boosting, ammonia detoxification, and decreased recovery time for injuries are all sound reasons for supplementing Ornithine and Arginine.

Over all, this combination is used by weight trainers to help strengthen muscle tissue and repair fibers after a work out. The best time to take the supplements is immediately after strenuous exercise, and a second dose at bed time. Dosages range from 2 – 15 grams depending on weight and work out frequency. It is also recommended to use this combination over a two month span, stopping use for two months, then start another two month cycle.

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