Everyone knows what to do with a bunch of rotten bananas….Make banana bread! Most banana bread recipes use processed flour and a lot of sugar. In honor of National Banana Bread day we searched the web for healthier banana bread recipes. We found several really great recipes using healthier flours and HONEY of course. The first recipe we found was on the Cookie and Kate website. Kate cooks fresh and healthy vegetarian recipes. Her dog Cookie helps with clean up. We liked this recipe because Kate gives you multiple options when it comes to flour. She even gives you suggestions on how to use almond flour. Plus she uses our favorite ingredient…honey. You can find the recipe here.

Another great banana bread recipe is on the website Gimme Delicious. They too use healthier flour. Their recipe also uses coconut or olive oil and gives suggestions on substituting Greek yogurt for the milk. Craving banana bread but only have green bananas? This recipe teaches you how to ripen them in under an hour. You can find the recipe here.

The weather this winter has been extreme. Ice storms, below normal temperatures…lots of snow. Banana bread is one of the ultimate comfort foods. It is simple to make and is so delicious warm right out of the oven. Put on your comfy clothes, make some tea, and bake a loaf of delicious healthy banana bread!

TIP: Here at The Natural Shopper we like to warm up a little butter, mix it with honey, and throw in some whole grain bee pollen granules. We love to spread this on our banana bread or any bread for that matter.

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