We have all been sheltering in place for awhile now…some of us alone, some with roomates, spouses…some with kids. We have been catching up on cleaning, binging on Netflix, homeschooling our kids, and probably going a little stir crazy. Being on “lockdown” can be really stressful. Stress is hard on your immune system. The Natural Shopper is dedicated to keeping you and your immune system healthy! A great activity that reduces stress and is fun is coloring! Coloring makes you feel the joy of being a kid again and it is great for reducing stress. It calms a restless mind and is a form of meditation. It is also a great activity to do with your kids. Periodically we will be posting coloring pages for you print. Have fun, de-stress, and color BEES! Bee safe and Bee healthy!

Right click the image….open it in a new window to print it.