Dear family and friends,

I wanted to post a quick note on what’s going on at our company as we deal with the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus around the world.

First of all, some practical matters relating to our business:

  • There has been an above-normal demand for our products over the past week or so. We’re presently maintaining a 1-3 day despatch time. 
  • We’ve ceased the manufacture of all products until we have full safety protocols in place. The last products were manufactured early January 2020 so you can rest assured that products from our company are safe.
  • In light of the above, we have a limited inventory and we need to place some restrictions on sales, so we can continue to serve our long-time customers for as far into the future as possible. The restrictions at this moment are:

No International shipments. We do not know what the coming days and weeks will bring regarding shipping overseas, we do not want products to be tied-up in customs. Our sincere apologies to our many loyal overseas customers. We will lift this restriction just as soon as it is safe to do so.

We’ve had to impose maximum selling limits on our products, and these limits will change as our inventory runs down. As of 3/16/2020 they are:

  • Total Bee Plus – limit 6 bottles per customer order
  • Symbiolean – limit 6 bottles per customer order
  • Royal Jelly capsules – limit 8 bottles per customer order
  • Propolis capsules – limit 6 bottles per customer order
  • Bee pollen granules (bottles) – limit 6 bottles per customer order
  • Bee Pollen granules in 1lb bags – limit 1lb per customer order
  • We have inventory for all orders placed and we will NOT at this time be accepting orders for out-of-stock items, so you can rest assured that should you place an order you will receive your products. 


A note about our facility and the steps we are taking to ensure we remain virus-free.

Many of our long-term customers will know us as the family business that started operations in North East Wisconsin over 20 years ago. Around 18 months ago we moved all of our operations to a rural location in Virginia, where we operate our small business from a 4000 SF facility in the boondocks. We take the utmost care over our facility and the way in which our ingredients and products are moved through the system, from procurement to production to packaging and shipping.

Due to the small staff we operate with, the good-working-practices that we’ve developed over the years, and the location of our business, we are confident of maintaining a completely safe operation. In fact, we’ve been on lock-down for the past 10 days, several days before any cases of Coronavirus were reported in Virginia. As of today, March 16, we have no reported cases in our rural area, but we’ll continue our lock-down protocol for as long as necessary. Since our manufacturing areas are closed, our procedures at the moment relate primarily to our shipping room. We have an enhanced hand-sanitation procedure in operation and any person entering the area must wear a disposable mask and sterile gloves. Bottles are handled only by persons wearing sterile gloves, and wearing a disposable mask. We have a rigorous cleaning procedure in effect, bordering on the paranoid. Again, we are not manufacturing new products at this time, so our area of operation is order-fulfillment only.

I must say that this all looks and feels very bizarre, and from what I’ve gathered we’re perhaps going a little over-board with our shipping protocols, but better safe than sorry.

So as of now, that’s it. We’re safe and we’re doing everything within our power to keep our customers safe, at least in the ways over which we have some control.

We will keep you posted via this blog of any changes or important updates.

Finally, we’ve lost count of how many emails and phone calls we’ve received this past week or so from people asking about bee products and how they might help people keep safe and guarded against Coronavirus. My answer to everyone has been the same:

  • Avoid social contact as much as possible.
  • Understand that this virus is spread primarily by infected people coughing and sneezing, and in doing so, depositing mucus and other infected fluids into the atmosphere. The particles are said to be relatively heavy and fall downwards within 8-10 feet of them being released by the person or persons coughing and sneezing. So keep your distance from people if you must leave the house. Avoid handshakes and avoid handling tools or other physical items that have recently been handled by other persons. Once contaminants are released and settle in their surroundings, they can remain contagious on surfaces for many hours, possibly a day or more depending on the type of surface. Unfortunately, this puts you at risk even when visiting places like grocery stores, gas stations, banks, etc, therefore avoid touching benches, counters, shelves or any surfaces which could be affected. Even products on grocery store shelves may have contaminants on their exterior surfaces, so get in the habit of taking disposable wipes with you and wiping things down. 
  • Follow sensible protocols such as washing hands frequently with soapy water. While there’s a worldwide shortage of hand-sanitizer, it is claimed that soapy detergent is just as effective, so make up your own hand sanitizer for carrying around.
  • Mask wearing (if you can find one!) is only really effective in limiting the spread of Coronavirus to people around you if you are contaminated.
  • Consider self-quarantine now, if at all possible.
  • If you show any early symptoms, (dry cough, fever, etc) self-quarantine immediately, not just you but your entire household.
  • Consider that the medical community is going to become overwhelmed soon, so don’t add to their burden unless you’re becoming very sick with respiratory issues. If you’re displaying basic flu symptoms, as most people who contract the virus will, there’s no vaccine hence no way for the medical community to treat you, so just stay indoors and away from people. Drink plenty of water and follow the protocols of dealing with seasonal flu. 
  • Though mainstream media may be your only source of information, consider the likely possibility that it is unreliable. Regardless of what they are reporting, assume the situation to be several orders of magnitude worse. It’s better to be overly cautious than to be nonchalant. I extend this caution to those who believe this virus and connected fatalities are limited to elderly people only. My sources tell me this is not the case.
  • If you have children, keep them indoors and socially isolated. It’s for their own good and that of the community at large. 

Please note, I am NOT a medical practitioner in any sense of the word and the above is offered in the spirit of friendly advice, which you’re well within your rights to challenge or ignore completely. If you find anything in the above helpful, consider sharing with your circle of friends.

I would like to wish all of our family (we consider our customers to be family too) and friends the very best of luck in the difficult times ahead. There’s a saying widely attributed to American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson: “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” Try to apply that saying to the task of keeping you, your family and your community safe in the coming weeks and months.