The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving leftovers are in the fridge, you survived the crowds on Black Friday, and buy Symbioleanmaybe you spent some money on Small Business Saturday. That means today is Cyber Monday. The Natural Shopper wants to wish you a happy and healthy Cyber Monday by giving you 15% off Symbiolean, our weight management formula. If you are an “average” American, you consumed a little over 3,000 calories and 150 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day (according to the Calorie Control Council). Food coma, anyone? It is going to take a lot of physical activity to burn off that amount of calories…like walking 30 miles. Give yourself a little boost in maintaining your weight this holiday season by stocking up on Symbiolean. Symbiolean contains all of the ingredients of our popular Total Bee Plus supplement (bee pollen, propolis, Royal Jelly, and honey), which help you maintain a healthy immune system, plus it has Green Tea, Organic Dandelion Root extract, and Apple Cider Vinegar – a proprietary compound of active ingredients shown to be effective contributors to diet and weight management.

You can buy your supply of Symbiolean here. Put in coupon code healthyweight15 at checkout to receive your 15% discount!

Also…Good News…our Royal Jelly capsules are back in stock! Used by many people to improve mood, energy levels, and aid in reproductive health, our Royal Jelly is processed to the highest standards to maintain freshness and to buy royal jelly capsuleskeep the live enzymes intact.

The Natural Shopper is dedicated to keeping you and those you love healthy this Holiday season! Remember to use coupon code healthyweight15 to get 15% off Symbiolean. The coupon code will be good through Wednesday at midnight so stock up now!

For those looking to stock up on Total Bee Plus or any product other than Symbiolean, use coupon code P1000 for a 10% discount!

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