apple cider vinegar and weight lossIf you look around the weight loss section at your local GNC store, of all the gazillion different bottles of miracle this and miracle that, how many do you think will still be around in 10 years time? The answer….not many!

Why? Because beyond the glitzy packaging and pictures of skinny folks with smiling faces, they really don’t contain anything that’s going to make one iota of difference to how you look or feel.

However, there are a handful of ‘products’ that you may see that actually have been there for years, in some cases, for centuries. OK, I know your local GNC ain’t that old, but these substances have been used for many years with the knowledge of their potential health benefits passed down through the ages by word of mouth.

Yes, what I’m referring to existed long before Facebook and Twitter, how did they ever survive??!!

I’m talking specifically about substances such as bee pollen and royal jelly, two of the six different products of the beehive which have been used in apothecary for centuries. These substances haven’t ‘come and gone’ as so many of the modern formulations have come and gone; why? Because they actually work.

green tea is high in antioxidants and used for weight lossApple Cider Vinegar is another such substance – centuries old it has been consumed for a wide range of possible health benefits, not least of which its potential capacity to promote cardiovascular health, enhance metabolism and provide safe and effective weight loss. [Read more about apple cider vinegar here]

Of course if you’ve ever tried to drink apple cider vinegar in raw form, it isn’t particularly pleasant. Even if you add a teaspoon to a pint of water or juice, its acidity still bites you. That’s probably why so many health conscious people have a half-empty bottle sitting somewhere near the back of the cupboard. You’ll start out taking it with the best intentions, then eventually lose your enthusiasm due to its nasty taste.

We’ve solved that problem for you with our new addition to the ‘Total Bee’ family. This is a very small family, reserved only for exceptional combination products like our ‘Total Bee Plus’. We now have ‘Total Bee GT‘, with apple cider vinegar, dandelion root and Green Tea (hence the ‘GT’), alongside the four key ingredients from the hive. So you no longer have to suffer to have the benefits of ACV on a daily basis, these capsules are pretty much taste-free. Yes, you’ll catch the slight vinegary odor when you open the lid but it’s offset with a little sweet fragrance from the honey.

Total Bee GT Weight LossWe’re already getting a lot of great feedback from people using this product. People have commented about it helping within the first 24 hours with things like water retention and digestive function.

These people are already on their way to meeting their health and weight goals. I’ve personally been using Total Bee GT daily now for almost a year and it has worked incredibly well for me. Alongside a couple other lifestyle changes I’ve lost a third of my body weight in 12 months. I’m not saying that it will work this way for you and I’m certainly not suggesting that you can take these products and nothing else. But if you read the logic and reasoning behind this unique formulation you may well understand just how and why we think it works. Learn More Here

Check it out for yourself – you know all about the benefits of the four main bee products already (royal jelly / bee pollen / propolis / honey), see what happens when you add apple cider vinegar, dandelion root and green tea extract. Remember that we only work with the best raw ingredients, sourcing organic wherever we can.


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