Regardless of whether you are male or female, if you’re over 50 you face a different challenge when trying to lose and/or regulate your weight. Your body Over 50 and health from the beehivechanges result in a slower metabolism, longer recovery rate after exercise, and a longer muscle regeneration rate. Consequently, you’ll hold on to fat more readily than you did as a person in your 30’s or 40’s and it will take you more and more time to get to a normal body weight.

Here are a few pointers and tips to help you along the road to sustainable weight loss:

Adequate nutrition and supplementation.

It’s more important then ever to supply your body with good supplementation. Products such as bee pollen and royal jelly are long associated with weight loss and regulation [more on bee pollen and weight loss]. High in vitamins and nutrients bee pollen and royal jelly supplements can help you overcome certain food cravings and supply your body with the nutrition it needs, without the fat and calorie content.

Remember, the foods we eat nowadays are nutritionally deficient, particularly when compared to the foods we ate in our youth, so it’s even more important to supplement the vitamins and minerals in our regular foods when on a calorie controlled diet.

Lifestyle changes rather than quick gains

We’ve all heard about the importance of making long term lifestyle changes on the road to losing weight. When we’re younger we look upon this prospect without taking it too seriously. Sure, we can have a go at incorporating some changes in the way we live, the foods we eat, the exercise we take, but hey, if it doesn’t work out well there’s always next year!

For the over 50’s it’s time to take this subject more seriously. Since it’s harder for us to lose weight once we’ve gained it, it makes sense to create a platform where we lose the weight and keep it off. This platform is achieved by managing and organizing the way we run our lives. We need to make exercise something that we do without really giving it a second thought. The problem we have with our approach to activity is that we’ve formalized the word ‘active’ and turned it into something which requires us to make a special effort and commitment – exercise. So for example, where 30 years ago we’d walk down to the grocery store to pick up a carton of milk, nowadays we drive there, then make a special effort to go to the gym to get our exercise! It doesn’t make any sense. [read more about this in our reader’s weight loss journal]

Be prepared to wait for results

You really should adopt the mindset that this is going to take time. The faster weight loss always comes at a price. The price is commonly a return to our old habits and putting back on the weight we’ve lost. The best results for long term dieting always come from practices that take time to bear fruit. So approach it slowly, minimize the amount of sacrifices you’re making so that you’re not ‘shocking’ your system, and plan for no more than 1 pound of weight loss per week. You’ll benefit from this approach, trust me!

stay healthy with bee productsDon’t punish yourself!

Don’t try to cut out too much too quickly. And don’t try to go from zero activity to 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds. Approach it for the long haul, a slow endurance race, since this is what it is.

If you make too many sacrifices too soon, you’ll invariably fail. Cutting out all of those things which are bad for you, too quickly, will cause your brain to reject your efforts and you’ll be back to your old habits before you know it! So ‘softly, softly, catch the monkey’ is the way to approach dieting.

Not surprisingly, as you start to lose a few pounds your mental approach will change of its own accord. Without really being conscious of it, you’ll start to seek more of the good things that have been providing the progress and the results, and fewer of those bad things which caused you the problems in the first place. But this change in mental state is something that you can’t force upon yourself, you need it to come naturally and as a consequence of winning a few smaller battles on the road to long term weight loss.

And if you slip backwards some days, don’t punish yourself. And don’t try to carry over a bad day to the next day and worry about having to compensate. For example, if you’re watching what you eat and have a plan that you’re following, then someone calls and says ‘lets go out for a burger’, don’t feel the following day that you somehow have to cut back to compensate for the burger you ate yesterday, that’s not the way it works! That’s punishment for slipping, when what you really need is encouragement for being cognizant of having slipped. Just resume your regular healthy diet and don’t think twice about slip-ups along the path.

Do things you enjoyed from younger days

Nostalgia can be a great tool and inspiration for dieting and exercise. If you played tennis in high school, or swam, or rode a bicycle, and you haven’t done it in years, then reintroduce it into your life in some capacity.

Don’t give up, even when you’ve fallen off the wagon!

health beehive supplements-

More energy and healthy feeling with natural supplements including bee pollen

We all have slip-ups and bad days, we all have the occasional few bad days in a row – but keep at it, don’t give in.

Just remember the math behind what you’re doing – it takes around 3500 calories to gain a pound in weight. If you exercise vigorously, perhaps with a 1 hour bike ride for example, then it’s not uncommon to burn around 1000 calories. Depending on your age, gender, weight and body type, you may require around 2000 calories daily to maintain the same weight. When you exercise, that 2000 calorie daily requirement increases by the amount you’ve burned through exercise, so you could be at a point where you need 3000 calories just to maintain your weight (On days you’ve exercised).

Now if on days where you’ve slipped and fallen off the wagon you’ve splurged and perhaps eaten a burger and fries (2500 calories) and an ice cream (650 calories), a sugary soda (200 calories) and perhaps a couple of eggs and bacon for breakfast (500 calories), then you’ve still only exceeded your daily allowance by around 350 calories, or one tenth of a pound! So you can see that falling off the wagon for a day, or a couple days, is not going to cause you a problem. The problem arises when you rarely exercise and regularly eat too much, then the one tenth of a pound per day becomes a one pound gain in weight every 10 days, and a ten pound gain in weight every 100 days – sound familiar?!

Good luck!


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