It seems our website is popular with Internet searches for ‘bee pollen and weight loss’, so we get emailed quite frequently with questions relating to this subject.

Questions are centered around bee pollen and its effectiveness (or otherwise) as a natural weight loss supplement. Diet products are all over the place in different shapes and forms, some work and some do not. If there were truly an all-natural diet pill that worked for everyone who took it, then we wouldn’t have the problem we have with obesity in this country.

So this is how I view bee pollen and it’s use as part of a concerted effort to lose weight: the substance will help create some degree of hormonal balance, it will help as a natural appetite suppressant and it’s rutin content may help to actually burn off some fat. But you need to be responsive to the changes you feel in your body, which won’t suddenly materialize the first time you take a pill. These changes will come at you from two directions at least, and if you ignore them both you probably won’t lose any weight.

1 – Appetite Suppressant

The problem with appetite suppressants is that so many people eat habitually – you have a set time of the day to eat, a set portion size, and in many cases, a set menu. If you continue to follow this regimen even though your body is saying ‘Hey, I’m really not that hungry right now, feed me less or don’t feed me at all’, then how can you expect to lose weight?

Weight loss is quite a simple formula, made complicated by some people who ought to know better. You need a certain amount of calories to provide you with the energy you need to function. If you consume more calories than you need, then your body will store them as fat. If you consume fewer calories than you need, then your body will make up the deficit by using fat reserves (and muscle). How many you need will depend on your size, age, gender and the level of your physical activity, which in turn drives your metabolism. If you’re physically inactive, your metabolic rate is likely quite low and you need fewer calories than a person of the same age and gender who is more physically active.

 simple rules of weight loss with bee pollen supplements

The point here is that bee pollen may act as an appetite suppressant, but if you chose to ignore this and continue to eat as usual, then you’re not going to benefit.

2 – Increased Energy and Stamina

Bee pollen has been taken for centuries by athletes as it has the capacity to increase stamina and endurance. Taking the substance may make you feel more energized but your body then needs an outlet for this energy, it needs to and wants to move, to become active. If you chose not to respond, either because you’re too busy, or you can’t be bothered or it just isn’t part of your routine, then you won’t burn off any additional calories, how could you?

And, as I alluded to earlier, the benefits and changes may not be apparent the first day you take these products. Expect to take them for at least a week or two before you start to feel their effect. Then plan on taking them for the long term, you’ll feel better if you do.

So to summarize, in the harshest terms possible – if you continue to eat as before, and maintain your sedentary lifestyle, then how do you expect to lose weight, seriously?

Bee pollen is a tool which can help you transform the way you live, but it isn’t a miracle pill, you have to respond to its affects on your body to realize its benefits.

Lastly, adding royal jelly to your bee pollen can also help. It further creates the hormonal balance that your body needs to function optimally and further increases the feeling of being more energized. Taking these two products and reacting to what they do inside of your body is as close as you’ll get to a miracle diet pill. And yes, we have such a product here

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