Occasionally people will ask us for more information on how our products compare to other manufacturers’ products. Obviously when surfing the web, a wide variety of bee products can be found and many, on the surface, look very similar.

So let’s take a quick look at ‘Total Bee Plus‘, our most popular combination beehive supplement.

Total Bee Plus as most of you know by now contains a blend of royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey, all combined together in one vegetable based capsule. These substances from the hive contain a range of benefits. [royal jelly health benefits here] [bee pollen health and weight loss benefits here]

Sure, there are a couple products around which look similar. One of the things missing from other products is usually ‘honey’. Honey is often underrated as a nutritional supplement when in actual fact it’s a very effective substance.
Honey is made by bees from plant nectaries which are buried within the flower. Worker bees actually collect the nectars and transport them in sacs contained essentially within their own digestive systems. The nectars are processed by an enzyme contained within the bee sac and it is then placed within small storage cells in the hive, where it ripens over a period of a few days.

People often ask us for a breakdown of the vitamin and mineral content of our products, but it’s difficult to provide this information due to wide regional and seasonal variations. Such is the case with honey, which can be collected from a wide range of plant types, each having its own set of nutritional properties. These plant types affect the color of the honey, its perceived sweetness and bitterness, its vitamin, mineral and amino acid properties and its antibacterial properties.

On the last point, ‘antibacterial properties’, its important to remember that honey is used in many ways as a natural food preservative. Occasionally, manufacturers will add honey to royal jelly to help preserve the royal jelly for a longer and more effective shelf-life. We don’t use our honey as a preservative for royal jelly, we use it for its unique and valuable set of nutritional properties.

Buy total bee plus with bee propolis extractWhat else is different about our Total Bee Plus? – Well, when you look at other ‘similar’ products you’ll generally see a lot more bee pollen and a lot less royal jelly in their formulations. Why is this? It’s generally for commercial reasons. Bee pollen is far more abundant and therefore far less expensive, so competitors stack up their combination products with bee pollen to save on costs. As an example, 1LB of premium quality 6% 10HDA royal jelly can cost around $150.00, where 1LB of wholegrain bee pollen would cost in the region of $10 – $15.

 Lastly, the quality of our raw materials sets us apart from most of our competitors. Take royal jelly for example. There’s a vast difference between available powders and their level of active ingredient. The standard of measurement for royal jelly powder is its 10HDA content, measured as a percentage of volume. It can be as low as 1% and upwards of 6% on the top end. We wouldn’t use a 1% 10HDA in any health supplement, but people do. We always aim for the top end of available 10HDA, 6%. This means more active ingredient per microgram powder weight and more benefit to the end user.
Other factors affecting the raw material involve how it is processed. We’ve talked elsewhere about the common practice of pasteurization, and obviously, that’s not a good thing to do to any nutritional supplement, particularly one as delicately balanced as royal jelly. But again, many manufacturers start with a base raw ingredient which has been previously pasteurized. You can’t restore the nutrients once they’ve been harmed by heat processing.

So it’s important to look beyond the label and understand more about the different substances, their nutritional properties and the importance of processing the raw ingredients into supplement form.

That’s why we consider our products to be the best available. We’ve been doing this for 15 years and we wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for our expertise and attention to detail.

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