Some people have been asking about the different label details on our Total Bee Plus product.

Around 6 months ago we made a labeling change to the Total Bee Plus in order to remain compliant with FDA requirements. The product ingredients are  exactly the same as they have always been since we started making it over a decade ago. The label change relates to the way we specify the concentrated powders in the Supplement Facts panel.

The formula has always been from a daily dose of 2 capsules:

Royal Jelly    1200 mg from a 3:1 concentrated powder

Bee Pollen     800 mg

Propolis         400 mg from a 2:1 concentrated powder
Honey           100  mg

Total of 2500mg active ingredient from 2 caps.

Since we are no longer allowed to use the concentrated powder equivalent, we have to use only the actual powder weight on the label Supplement Facts panel.

With the concentrated powder, we start of with fresh liquid royal jelly, which has around 67% water content, then we remove the water. So from 1000mg of liquid royal jelly we extract around 333mg of dry powder.

The propolis is extracted via a different process, it has less moisture content and we finish up with a 2:1 powder.

So the actual powder weight is:

Royal Jelly 1200mg / 3 = 400mg powder weight
Bee pollen 800mg
Propolis 400mg / 2 = 200mg powder weight
Honey 100mg

Therefore the total powder weight for 2 capsules is 1500mg as shown on the new label. But the actual potency is still 2500 mg per the old label, factoring for the concentrated powders.