In the business of selling bee products for almost 15 years, we’ve received countless testimonials from happy customers who’ve been taking our bee products, products like Total Bee Plus or our premium grade royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis.
We tend not to publish these testimonials too frequently as it may lead people into making decisions about their health which could turn out to be erroneous and harmful.
We’ve had all manner of feedback from customers, from comments such as “this product has cured my fibromylgia”, to “my persistent migraines have ceased”, to “I haven’t had a cold in 5 years of using this product” to more basic feedback like “I feel more healthy and energized”.
Obviously if we print all of these comments they may be happened upon by other people with similar symptoms who might unwisely forgo the correct path to treatment, which should always be via a certified health practitioner.

Earlier this week we received an email from a customer inquiring about a friend who had cancer, and asking us which product would we recommend for cancer and what dosage? Clearly this is taking the benefits of health products to the extreme, if there were such simple cures for cancer, we’d all be aware of them, I’m sure.
Of course that’s not to say that bee products don’t provide support to the immune system which in turn helps us fight off free-radicals in the system, which can cause many diseases such as cancer. And lets not forget about research into propolis which has unveiled some anti-tumor properties when tested on lab animals, but really, we need to keep things in perspective. If you have a serious ailment, please consult with your healthcare provider for the best course of treatment.