We’ve been asked many times over the years if we keep our own beehives here in Wisconsin. We do not keep beehives for commercial production, rather, we work with a large network of beekeepers who provide the raw ingredients needed to make our bee products.
Honeybee keeping is a very dedicated art and requires a good deal of time, knowledge and experience, not to mention real estate! Supplies also fluctuate seasonally so it’s hard to maintain production from fresh ingredients during low producing stages of the season.
Also, working through multiple suppliers in different regions helps us avoid making a product which has strictly regional benefits. Many of you have heard about bee pollen and how when used for allergy regulation it is best to source it from a local supplier, so that it contains the specific pollens from your area. That’s fine if you sell only into a local market, but when you sell nationwide it’s not so good. So we think our way, though not as much fun, is perhaps the best way (for our customers).
We tend to be a little wary of products coming from beekeepers that are sold nationally and even internationally. It’s unlikely that they have the resources to test and produce products which are fresh, safe and contaminant free, in larger quantities. So we think that many US beekeepers who sell online are probably buying ingredients in bulk to support their online customers and selling home-grown produce only through their own retail outlets. That would seem to be a more viable way to operate any business.
So for now, we’re happy to say that our royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey are sourced from a fairly diverse base of beekeepers/suppliers, and all of it is brought here to Wisconsin for testing and manufacturing.
Hope that answers your question!


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