This subject has been covered in some detail and there are various references to clinical studies into royal jelly and its impact on fertility around our website.
The key seems to be in the presence of the two components, ‘folic acid’ and the amino acid arginine. Research into female reproduction suggest that a satisfactory level of folic acid in the system is necessary to conceive, and studies into the reproductive capacity of me has shown us that arginine is necessary in men to prevent a lower than healthy sperm count.

In addition to folic acid and argenine, royal jelly is also a rich source of steroids. I’m not referring to the chemical agents associated with body builders and many athletes, and talking about natural occurring steroids which are a vital part of the human body. There are many of these substances in royal jelly including testosterone and estrogen, which are shown to enhance functions critical to fertility, libido and reproduction. For more information on royal jelly and fertility.