We were delighted to stumble across this review of our company, written by one of our customers on a different blog page –

“The Natural Shopper are a company located in Egg Harbor WI, and specialize in the niche market of products from the beehive. Having taken a number of products over the years for energy and vitality, I can honestly say that having found their product “Total Bee Plus”, my long search is over. I’ve used royal jelly for a decade and believe with all my heart in its benefits as a natural supplement. But combining it with bee pollen, as with my Total Bee Plus, seems to take it to another level of effectiveness. My real surprise was when I rather foolishly ran out, within the short period that my new order took to arrive, I could really feel the negative difference in my energy and stamina levels. I do work out 3 or 4 times each week and my energy in the gym just wasn’t there.

For a while now I’ve been reading up on these supplements and I think the key to my Total Bee Plus is how the raw ingredients are sourced and subsequently handled/processed. I made a few phone calls to either bee product companies and could never get straight answers on their products, where they came from, how they were processed, were they pasteurized and all the other key points that one should know. With The Natural Shopper is was able to have all my questions answered on their website, in short and succinct statements, even with direct links to their competitor product for comparative purposes.

I will never go back!”