I just wanted to share an email from a customer of ours, based overseas. We get asked some really good questions on bee products and their uses, and I thought I’d share this with blog readers since it raises some great points.

Dear Natural Shopper,

I am one of your overseas customer, and plan to use your products regularly, but also trying to buy fresh collected royal jelly from local producers here in Europe.
I have two questions:

1. The local producers refrigerate the collected royal jelly on the day of collection, but not immediately. They state that this does not affect the biological value of the royal jelly, since it is at about 35 celsius degrees inside the hive anyway, so being a few hours at room temperature does not really matter. Do you think that being at room temperature for a few hours after collection affect the freshness and health beneficial value of royal jelly ?

2. I have ordered royal jelly from you but I am also interested in royal bee plus. However, I feel like slightly allergic for bee pollen.
I mean, generally I am not allergic to pollens, but after tasting honey mixed pollen, I felt a tiny contraction in my lungs. Do you think it is safe to use your synergic product, or I should just stay with royal jelly. Can one feel a boost in energy level from only royal jelly, or this boost can be felt only with total bee plus. Are there any testimonials from people who used only royal jelly and not total bee plus ?

Reply to email –

Dear Sir,

We set a time limit of 2 hours for processing/refrigeration. The hive is a very sanitary environment, with the presence of honey, propolis working as anti viral, anti bacterial agents ensuring the inside of the hive and its contents are free from biological contaminants. As soon as the products are removed from the hive they must rely on their own anti bacterial properties or on the timely processing/freezing, to remain contaminant free. We know that in the case of royal jelly, it starts to attract decomposition bacteria very quickly and it must therefore be ‘sealed’ via whatever means, quickly. Usually we find that the processors who don’t worry about the time interval for processing, usually go on to pasteurize the product, hence removing any unwanted bacterial activity. Yes, it’s amazing to us that many of our competitors work with pasteurized royal jelly, yet advertise it as ‘fresh’, ‘alive’. So be careful if the processor says they’re not too concerned about the processing time limit.

With your bee pollen question, it is difficult to answer. If you are taking local pollens, then it may be that there’s a local allergen that is inside the pollen that is affecting you negatively. Since our domestic USA pollens do not contain substances local to your area, it is possible that the allergens which affect you personally will not be present in our pollens. The only way to know for certain is to try it. Also, bee pollen is used extensively to de-sensitize people to the affect of airborne allergens, by introducing them to the body through the digestive system. So people expect some initial reaction to the pollen, but continue to take it until eventually the reaction diminishes to the point where it is no longer an issue. Obviously I’m not suggesting that you do that, since it should only be done under the supervision of a health care professional. But if your negative symptoms are mild, then it may be something to consider.

Yes we have many testimonials from people taking only royal jelly. We should update our websites more frequently with the customer emails we receive but always seem to be too busy! We do firmly believe in the ‘synergy’ effect of taking all four bee products together. Royal jelly can provide excellent benefits when taken alone, but with the other 3 products you have the complete spectrum of nutrition. We find the energy benefits of taking royal jelly alone to be extremely varied from person to person. Some people claim to feel more energized within minutes of taking the product, others say that it takes days to build up in the system. Other people claim it doesn’t have any effect, but when they stop taking it they feel the difference immediately and rush to re-order with Express shipping! We find that with the synergy product, there’s an overwhelming rise in the number of people who continue to reorder the product every month. With the Total Bee Plus, we have many people who have used the product continually for 5, 6, 7 years or more. With standard royal jelly, those repeat orders are good, but not as good as the Total Bee Plus, so that really tells us that the product is powerful and effective for people. We know from our own staff experiences that TBP can be a life-changer in many ways.

Hope this helps




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