• You’ll use less bathwater and therefore save on energy bills
  • You won’t be harassed by cute members of the opposite sex when you visit bars
  • You’ll have more space on Public Transport as fewer people will want to sit next to you
  • You’ll be happier and far more jolly
  • The kids won’t want to borrow items from your wardrobe

Joking aside…

  • Fat helps to maintain body temperature and organs such as the liver, stomach etc, a process called thermal insulation.
  • Fat provides you with a ready energy source.
  • Fat helps in transportation of Fat-Soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Look, being skinny might be popular with the media and paparazzi but it isn’t necessarily a good thing for your health. Neither, by the way, is being fat. So get yourself in shape by helping your body to regulate cravings for food, helping to metabolize sugars and fats turning them into usable energy and create a good environment within your body to promote weight stability.

A good place to start is with royal jelly and bee pollen. These ‘vitamins’ are rich in substances which promote healthy living and natural weight loss. Take the plunge, for $18.95 each you can pickup a six month supply of Total Bee Plus and see for yourself.