The FDA is the only regulatory body in the USA that can stipulate recommended daily dosages of vitamin supplements, and so far, royal jelly and other bee products have not been assessed by the FDA, hence there are no recommended daily dosages for this or any bee product.

That said, people have been using royal jelly for its benefits as a health supplement for many years, so a ‘database’ of information regarding its use has been compiled. This is not a publishable database but merely a collection of opinions from different users of royal jelly products and other supplements that have not yet been scrutinized by the FDA.

royal jelly 1000mgThe median seems to be between 500 and 1000mg daily. There are some companies, most notably Bee Alive who promote capsule strengths as low as 150mg. In my experience this is too low to have any real affect on the user.

Then there are people who use a full teaspoon or more of fresh liquid royal jelly. That’s in excess of 5000mg in most cases. Remember when we’re talking about milligrams we’re obviously talking about very small dosages. 5000mg is 5 grams, about a teaspoon, and there’s no reason why that would cause most people any issues. We are after all talking about a nutritious substance packed with minerals, vitamins and not an order of deep-fried chicken wings!
But it is quite expensive, so there’s no point in taking more than you need. I’d stick around 1500-2500mg daily, our Total Bee Plus provides 2400mg from four capsules and that’s as much as we should need.

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